KillthePoison was founded by Liam Anderson in late 2007. They joined forces with Eventual Records a little while after and quickly had bands signed left and right. Eventual's owner and Liam got into it, and they ended the partnership, winding up with KillthePoison losing everything. Luke didn't care much, he had help with money and all, and continued, but not for long..
The label seemed to be going great, they quickly signed more bands and were releasing discography in no time. Liam made a bad investment and lost it all, this time he had no help and the label was forced to close it's doors.

Comeback of Late 2008Edit

Liam was determined to get the label back, he tried everything, he talked to bands he had signed for help in financing, no one cared to help. He finally ran into Bobby Zombie, the perfect person for what he needed, Bobby agreed to help, but the label would have to be a subsidiary for new artists, then when they became big, they would move into Rockstar Records. Liam agreed, and KillthePoison was reborn.

KillthePoison's Second FallEdit

After Freddy Valentine was thrown into rehab, Metamorphosis Records (Rockstar's re-make) quickly died out. It's artists abandoned the label. The remaining staff figured "since this label is going no where further, why not ditch it and look for new jobs?". This left KillthePoison without any cash flow, since all of it's artists' contracts belonged to Metamorphosis, KillthePoison's main successor. Liam Anderson was forced to try and sell KillthePoison or officially close it's doors.

KillthePoison's Third ReturnEdit

Luckily, Electric Roses caught up with Liam Anderson and offered him a million dollars for the label. Liam agreed to this and the label was then sold. With the label in their hands, Electric Roses "signed" themselves to the label. Now, all that was left was to get KillthePoison better than it's previous state.

Artists SignedEdit

Dead roses
Electric Roses
Smash Up

Past ArtistsEdit

Circled Zone
Dead roses
Hollywood Zombie
Second Sun
Unfortunate Times

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