Krunk Kings
Background information
Origin Fullerton, CA, USA
Genre(s) Thrash Metal
Years active 2007 - present
Label(s) Pegasus Records
Associated acts Hostile Takeover
I.P. Freely
Rob Saccamano
Ronnie Rotten
Randy Tunafish
Dog E. Style
Former members
Rick Kool

Krunk Kings are a Thrash Metal band from Fullerton, California. The band was formed in 2007 by Irving Peter (I.P.) Freely. At the time of the band's formation, Freely was involved with Orange County, CA Heavy Metal band Hostile Takeover and had intended for Krunk Kings to be a side project consisting of friends who wanted to casually play music together; however, Hostile Takeover's increasingly heavier commitments made Freely decide to leave the band and turn Krunk Kings into a full-time band.



I.P. Freely - Lead Vocals
Rob Saccamano - Backup Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Ronnie Rotten - Lead Guitar
Randy Tunafish - Bass
Dog E. Style - Drums

Former MembersEdit

Rick Kool - Rhythm Guitar (Studio)



All charting positions are from US Billboard 200 album charts unless otherwise noted.

Year Title Type Debuting Position Peak Position
2008 The Prequel Compilation - -
2008 The Stages Of Development Studio - -
2008 Royalty Studio 52 37
2008 A Return To Humble Beginnings Studio 34 34
2008 Muzak To Your Ears Studio 54 44
2008 The Sequel Compilation 82 82
2008 The Ragu Festival Studio 39 20
2008 The Reshredening Studio 41 26
2008 Ramblings Of A Gladman Studio 35 24


All charting positions are from US Billboard Hot 100 singles charts unless otherwise noted.

Year Title Debuting Position Peak Position
2007 Drunken Orgies - -
2008 Her Need For Speed - -
2008 War Ahead - -
2009 Drink To That 75 75

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