Lambrecht Hoimevre
Birth name
Niels Lambrechtsen
April 17, 1980
Breda, the Netherlands
Punk Rock
Bass guitar
Years active
Associated act(s)

Lambrecht Hoimevre (born: Niels Lambrechtsen) is the vocalist and bassplayer of popular Dutch Punk Rock outfit Hoimevre. He is well known for his anti-capitalist and pacifistic ideas and positions and agressive style of singing. Beside being the vocalist and bassplayer of Hoimevre, he's the song writer as well. His songs are mostly loud and uptempo, yet filled with catchy melodies, combined with intelligent, poetic lyrics.

Early lifeEdit

Lambrecht was born in Breda, a city in the south west of the Netherlands. He started playing the piano at the age of 8 and was a good student in school, where his fellow students started to call him Lambrecht in stead of his real birtht name Niels. The name stuck with him. At the age of 15 he formed his first band, Gullie koei, which didn't last any longer than two weeks. He was the vocalist. Leaving school at the age of 16 he moved to Eindhoven, in the south east of the Netherlands, where he became involved in the local squat scene a couple of years later. He met several activists whom he joined. He got arrested twice for his activities. In this period he had a handful of projects, which were all short lived political Punk bands.


Lambrecht met Hubert Verlijsdonk at a demonstration in 2005. They became close friends and made an acoustic EP in the same year. They released it under the moniker Hubrecht. There were only 250 copies pressed, of which 73 were sold.


The Hubrecht project didn't last long as they decided to form a band instead. Marceo van Dijk became their bassplayer and Mathilde Kooijmans became their drummer. Lambrecht came up with the name Hoimevre and they all took the band name as part of their moniker. Mathilde changed her first name to Swanhild, because it was more German, and therefor more fun.
Marceo got sacked at an early stage, after photographs of him eating a Big Mac leaked out.
Lambrecht and Marceo never spoke ever since.

Rise to fameEdit

Hoimevre became a icon of the local scene quickly and it didn't last long before national media started noticing them. They toured intensivly and supported other bands abroad. Lambrecht and his band released their debut album Barbarei in 2008, which was his first full length release. The album became a huge success around the world, reaching #9 on the European Album Top 40, which was completely unexpected.

Personal lifeEdit

Lambrecht has a relationship with Mathilde "Swanhild Hoimevre" Kooijmans since early 2006.


With HubrechtEdit


Je moeder is een hoer EP (2006)

With HoimevreEdit


Barbarei (2008)


Left Wing Stances (2008)
System Unholy (2008)

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