Lest Ye Remember
Studio album by Psoriasiss
Released November 11, 2008
Recorded October - November 2008
Genre Heavy Metal
Length 50:21
Language English
Label Pegasus Records
Producer Ian Anderson
Psoriasiss chronology
Encyclopaedia Sintannica Lest Ye Remember

Lest Ye Remember is the ninth full-length album from Garden Grove, CA Industrial Metal band Psoriasiss. According to frontman Laurence Jakobson, "work on this album began almost immediately after the release of Encyclopaedia Sintannica. We had all these ideas that didn't get put to use during those sessions - mainly the intention of creating an angrier album, but that was sacrificed for the priority of overall darkness."

Chart SuccessEdit

Lest Ye Remember entered the Billboard 200 at #30 and reached a Peak Position of #22.

Track listingEdit

1. Spinal Disintegration
2. Take A Bow
3. Collapse From Within
4. Monument To Destruction
5. Abandon Hope All Ye Who Cross Me
6. The Inner Sadist
7. Spitting On The Grave Of The Living
8. Meathook
9. Control
10. A Farewell To Free Will


Laurence Jakobson - Vocals
Orville Redd - Guitar
Ian Anderson - Bass/Producer
Shaun Struthers - Drums

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