Lightning CrossEdit

Lightning Cross is an American Rock band from Kansas City Kansas. They formed in 2008 by Matt Donner, Adam Hawks, and Eddie Gutierrez.

Members - Matt Donner on Vocals, Adam Hawks on Lead Guitar and Eddie Gutierrez on drums.


Lightning Cross was formed by Matt Donner and Adam Hawks in 2008. Eddie Gutierrez joined later. They played small gigs and released their first album Thunder Alley in early 2008. It was met with decent/good reviews.

Second AlbumEdit

The band began writing for their second album in mid 2008. The album titled The Dark Road Ahead was released in September of 2008. It was met with better reviews than their first, earning mostly good/decent reviews.

Record Label and Third AlbumEdit

In late 2008 Matt Donner began writing for the third album. In early 2009 they were signed to V-Records. The third album titled Day of the Storm was released in March of 2009. It was met with good/good reviews.

Fourth AlbumEdit

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