Single by Daphne Aguilera
from the album The Comeback
B-side Say It
Released October 20th, 2008
Format Digital Download, CD Single
Recorded 2008
Genre Pop, Dance
Label Skank-A-Licious Records
Metamorphosis Records
Producer Daphne Aguilera, Alesha, Micro Baby
Daphne Aguilera singles chronology
Let My Hair Down
Not Such An Innocent Girl/Official

Lipstick is the 2nd single to be release from The Comeback by Daphne Aguilera. The song is very pop oriented with rock undertones. Daphne was quoted saying in an interview shortly before the single's release that she was afraid to release this song as a single at 1st because of the epic failure of her previous album State of Mind, which was heavily rock oriented, but decided to take a risk with it. The risk paid off with Lipstick selling over 200,000+ copies in its 1stt and 2nd week. The single features the b-side Say It, a newly recorded song not included on the album.


CD SingleEdit

  1. Lipstick
  2. Say It
  3. S.E.X. A.N.D. F.*.C.K. (Not The Same)

Digital DownloadEdit

  1. Lipstick
  2. S.E.X. A.N.D. F.*.C.K. (Not The Same)
  3. Say It
  4. Naughty Baby Did a No-No ( Micro Baby Mix)

Chart PositionsEdit

Peak Position/Total SalesEdit

Region Peak Position Total Sales
Canada 35 227,943
US 44 232,798
UK 49 231,147
Europe 101 169,863
Australia/New Zealand 38 216,365
Asia 59 209,828
South America 79 179,447
World 51 1,467,391

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