Lipstick Thespians
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Background information
Origin Laguna Niguel, CA, USA
Genre(s) Glam Rock
Years active 2007 - present
Label(s) Pegasus Records
Associated acts The Rebirth Of Hostility
Julia Crosby
Deanna Witt
Marissa Crosby
Marilyn Cure
Kathryn Hollinghurst
Priscilla Flynn
Former members
Monique Kattner

Lipstick Thespians is a Glam Rock band from Laguna Niguel, CA. Lipstick Thespians was formed in 2007 by vocalist Julia Crosby, lead guitarist Deanna Witt, and rhythm guitarist Monique Kattner. In 2008 Kattner left the band and was replaced by Crosby's sister Marissa, who is also the lead guitarist for the Heavy Metal band The Rebirth Of Hostility.


Current MembersEdit

Julia Crosby - Vocals
Deanna Witt - Lead Guitar
Marissa Crosby - Rhythm Guitar
Marilyn Cure - Bass
Kathryn Hollinghurst - Drums
Priscilla Flynn - Keyboards/Samples

Former MembersEdit

Monique Kattner - Rhythm Guitar



All charting positions are from US Billboard 200 album charts unless otherwise noted.

Year Title Type Debuting Position Peak Position
2008 The Key Studio 122 110

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