Live at the Aragon Ballroom


March 20, 2008
February 2008

Live at the Aragon Ballroom is an EP released by Argentinian band Rest in Peace. The songs were recorded during the band's Smash Your Head Tour around the US (those tracks in particular were recorded at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, Illinois) in February.

The EP contains also a new song that was never performed live, "Fractioned Skull". Most people thought this song will be included in the band's upcoming album, until Savino said that "it would lose its magic". He also said that the song was originally to be included in Stolen Dreams, but it wasn't like the other songs of the album, so they decided to take it off.

The song has the style of the band's new songs debuted at the tour: it's a song most influenced by noise and garage rock, with some keyboard-driven and synthesized parts. The song was close to appear in the "Grammar or Death" single for the New Year Extravaganza, although the band again decided to take it off.

Track listingEdit

All tracks recorded live at the Aragon Ballroom (except "Fractioned Skull").

  1. "Sunshine" - 5:10
  2. "Lights Out" - 4:52
  3. "She" - 5:12
  4. "Fuck You" - 3:21
  5. "Fractioned Skull" (Savino/Vuisso) - 4:14

Rest in Peace (edit)
Eduardo Savino · Pedro Vuisso · Federico Rosbaco · Miguel Alche · Guido Monteur
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