Lost Nights Alone
Also Known As
LNA, lost Nights
Norwich, Norfolk UK
Metalcore, Alternative Metal, Post Hardcore
Year Active
Ali, 24 (Vocals)
Frank, 23 (Rythym Guitar)
Mikey, 19 (Lead Guitar)
Nick, 23 (Bass)
Jake, 24 (Drums)
Past Members
Dave (Drums)

Lost Nights Alone are an English Metalcore band from Norwich. The band was formed by Ali (vocals) and Frank (Rythym Guitar) and ex-drummer Dave, who held auditions for other members of the group, although they didnt audition for a lead guitarist. Mikey joined after a jam in a jam night at Alenn's Bar, Great Yarmouth. Soon After Mikey joined the band Dave quit because of an incident on stage involving Dave, His Drum Kit Mikey and a fall, Which ended in a totally destroyed Drum kit, a broken guitar and dave with his head gashed wide open.

Midnight/Mythic & debut album (2006-Jan 2008)Edit

The Band first gained publicity first touring with Bowling for Soup & Hawthorne Heights, soon after the Hawthorne Heights tour they got a place on a tour involving I Am Ghost & Taking Back Sunday. Their Debut EP Bring The Knives reached 43 on the top 100 unsigned cd's of 2006, Beating Madina Lake's EP by 4 places. The Band played their first headlining show at Norwich B2 with support from Benson Bleeding Massacre on March 1st 2006, Which amazingly with little on the street promotion had over 100 people being turned away on the door with the 500 standing venue being packed with at least 600+ people, the band then threw out the first demo copy of the debut album into the crowd, although it was very bad quality and demo form with a very big difference from many final tracks on the album. With Popular demand they then went on to play Norwich Waterfront on April 14th, 2006 with tickets selling out within 12 hours of sale, and still overcrowdedness was in the Venue with many fake tickets getting through the entrance. Their Debut Uk only Single, Problem Solved, Suicide only printed 36,00 copies and sold 35,988. Then the 2nd single Kiss Me Like You Wanted sold a huge 67,000+ copies with the band saying they would be happy with just 50,000 copies. This single caught the eye of Midnight/Mythic Records. Who signed a one album contract with the band. The Band Released thier debut album We Should Never Have Parted on January 9th 2008, Which out sold the first two singles within the first 3 weeks. The band then planned a headline tour which conincided with the release of their 3rd single They Make Me Fly Then Crash Hard then touring up and down the country with 9 dates, 8 of which sold out. Then the band's Label Midnight/Mythic Records had an owner change which led to dissolution of contract, the band choosing not to extend.

Musical style and influencesEdit

The Band state influences coming from Atreyu, I Am Ghost, Avenged Sevenfold & Senses Fail. Musically and Lyrically, many songs also were written with help of Senses Fail Vocalist Buddy Nielsen. Who also appears on the new album track 'Put Things To An End'. The Band also have a few songs which sound like something an early Avenged Sevenfold would play, and in some new tracks use the Atreyu idea with Ali screaming and Frank or Ali will sing the choruses cleanly.


Main article: Lost Nights Alone Discography

Year Title Type Chart positions (UK)
2006 Demo EP Bring The Knives Home Recording and Studio -
2007 Single Problem Solved, Suicide Studio 609
2008 Single Kiss Me Like You Wanted Studio 505
2008 Album We Should Never Have Parted Studio 358
2008 Single They Make Me Fly Then Crash Hard Studio 426
2008 Single Kill My Enemies Studio 383



  • 2007: 43rd Best Unsigned CD of 2006

Lost Nights Alone
Singles: Problem Solved, Suicide | Kiss Me Like You Wanted | They Make Me Fly Then Crash Hard | Kill My Enemies |
Studio Albums: We Should Never Have Parted | The Victims Vengeance

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