Love Is Dead
Studio album by Hollywood Zombie
Released March 7th,2009
Recorded 2009-2009
Genre Horror Punk, Glam Metal
Language English
Label Metamorphosis Records
Producer Bobby Zombie
Hollywood Zombie chronology
Love Is Dead(2009) Screamer(TBA)

News Edit

Bobby Zombie has decided to re record this album with some new songs and old ones taken off, The title has also changed to " Love Is Dead " This is the second album to feature the new band.

Track Listing Edit

1. Lets Die In Each Others Arms Baby
2. Stabbing My Heart For Being In Love With You
3. I Must Confess, I Love When You Show No Emotion & Don't Talk
4. Her Eyes Say She Is Dead Inside
5. The Ghost Of You, The Memory Of Me
6. I Fucking Love You, I Fucking Hate You, I Want To Kill You
7. And The Bride Wore Black....
8. Dead Flowers At Mr. Zombies Funeral
9. They Say You Cant Live With A Broken Heart, I'm Still Here
10. Our Relationshit Is Bleeding
11. I Fucked Yelled At Her, She Fucking Screamed At Me
12. Our Relationshit Is Dead & Bloated In The River Face Down
13. Happy End Involving Murder/Suicide

Personnal Edit

Bobby Zombie - Vocals
Murder Zombie - Guitar
Suicide Zombie - Bass
Homcide Zombie - Guitar
Dead Zombie - Drums

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