After the success of Lovers & Other Strangers, Aftershock decided to release the companion album of Lovers And Other Strangers : The B-Sides +. It was to be the bands 4th B-Sides + album and they felt that after Lovers And Other Strangers doing so well, there was a fairly good chance that the B-Sides + would be just as success if not more so.

Release History Edit

The beginnings of the B-Sides + album actually happened during the recording of the main album. This was due to the fact that the track Volta was recorded and was instantly liked by two members of the band. However, the rest of the band and the management felt that it would not fit with the rest of the songs on the album. It was agreed that the song could automatically be placed on any acompanying B- Sides + album for Lovers And Other Strangers. The task then fell as to what songs would accompany Volta onto the B-Sides + album. Just prior to the release of the album, the band were contemplating releasing a 7th single. The choice was between Truth Tells Lies or Revenge. It was decided to stop at 6 singles and move on for fear of a 7th single not performig as well as the previous singles.This meant that mixes commissioned for both songs were left floating around. The Monrose Mix of Truth Tells Lies was chosen for inclusion on LAOS : B-Sides + whilst all mixes for Revenge were left unused for the time being. The final places for new material on the album were filled with Don't Ask Me which had been released as a double a-side worldwide with Sun In Your Eyes and two other songs written during the main albums recording sessions entitled Nothing Lasts Forever and Two Of A Kind. Two Of A Kind was chosen as the song to lead the albums release.

Tracklisting Edit

  1. Peace Of Mind
  2. Into The Night
  3. Nothing Lasts Forever (Previously Unreleased)
  4. Looking For Another Way
  5. Different Places
  6. Two Of A Kind (Previously Unreleased)
  7. Truth Tells Lies (Monrose Mix) (Previously Unreleased)
  8. Don't Ask Me
  9. Volta (Previously Unreleased)
  10. Everything Goes Dark

Singles Edit

  1. Two Of A Kind (Peak Position = #17 in Canada)
  2. Truth Tells Lies (Monrose Mix) (Peak Position = #7 in Australia & New Zealand)
  3. Volta (Peak Position = #8 in UK & USA)
  4. Nothing Lasts Forever (Peak Position = #32 in USA)

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