Making Friends From Plasticine


January 7th, 2008
Pop-Punk, Synth-Pop, Pop-Rock

"Making Friends From Plasticine" is the twelfth studio album of My Freaky Valentine. The album represented a more polished and poppy approach to the bands work, and added a lot of effects and synthesizer use into the sound. The album is also the first to feature guest musicians.

The band played songs "Everything Starts Where It Ends", "Praying For A Riot" and "Autumn Leaves Revisited" on tour for previous album, What Are You Hiding From Tonight.


  1. Jumping Rooftops
  2. Signal The Stars [feat. Ian Picholl of The Seymours]
  3. Everything Starts Where It Ends
  4. Top Of My Lungs [feat. Emma Blunt]
  5. Love Is Not An Option
  6. You'll Find A Way
  7. Praying For A Riot
  8. Up Against The Wall [feat. Phil Phillips of Jack Tripper's Wardrobe]
  9. Autumn Leaves Revisited
  10. Soundtrack Of My Summer [feat. Veto & Thunderwolf]


Four singles are planned for release from the album, and three have been released so far.

The fourth single is as-of-yet unconfirmed, though is rumoured "Up Against The Wall" may see a release.

Random FactsEdit

  • The name of the album is inspired by the negativity present in some of the songs on the album, dealing with friendship and betrayal.
  • Originally, "Love Is Not An Option" was planned to be the first single, until the band decided to change it upon hearing the final mix of "Signal The Stars"
  • My Freaky Valentine have announced plans to work with more fellow musicians on their next studio album, with different styles.
  • Album closer "Soundtrack Of My Summer" features gang vocals from the members of My Freaky Valentine, Veto and Thunderwolf.
  • Autumn Leaves Revisited features Lewis Mason playing Theremin.
  • The chorus on "Praying For A Riot" reportedly took fourteen takes to perfect, as Williams found it difficult to hold the notes for long enough.
  • Lead single, "Signal The Stars" hit the charts at Number 1, giving the band their second Number 1 single.

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