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Malevolent Creations Records
Record Label/Recording Studios
Corby, United Kingdom

Malevolent Creations Records was founded by members of The Black Gates in 2007, primarily as a means of releasing the bands back catalogue and for side projects. However of late it has signed several acts, firstly Black Forest, a progressive black metal outfit and Firestone, avante garde progressive thrash. Previously the band had now defunct brutal death metal act Frozen Corpse. The first side project of The Black Gates has been released via the label, Sisyphean, but only available in the United Kingdom .The venture originally begun as a recording studio for anyone needing somewhere to get their material done professionally but has sinced morphed into a specialist, independant label. Rick Fisher and Ben Fulbers consider any acts that place an emphasis on high quality musicianship.

Recently, a dispute had arisen between the label and Black Forest due to one unnamed band member terminating the contract despite the band owing two singles and signing with Negative Records. This has since been resolved.


Firestone- Progressive Thrash
Black Forest- Progressive Black Metal
Sisyphean- Progressive Instrumental

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