Darian Ares Enyalius(born March 15, 1969), more widely known as Marz, is the former guitarist of Solar Eclipse and Crash and Die and is currently lead guitarist for the band Mythology.

Birth Name
Darian Ares Enyalius
Birth Date
15 March 1969
Birth Place
Laconia, Greece
Associated Acts
Heavy Metal
Punk Rock
Electric Guitar
Years Active

Early LifeEdit

Darian Enyalius was born in the province of Sparti in Laconia, Greece to a poor merchant couple. He reportedly learned the guitar after stealing one at the age of 7.

Musical HistoryEdit

Solar EclipseEdit

Marz joined the British band Solar Eclipse in 1986, receiving small popularity for the band with his skill at the guitar. Marz stayed with the band for eight years until their breakup in 1994.

Crash and DieEdit

In 1996, Marz replaced Paul Johnson as the third guitarist for Californian Metal/Punk band Crash and Die. At his audition, Marz astounded the group with his playing. Upon the end of his audition, Norman Crash reportedly stated, "He got !", to which Grimm Die responded "He's got the right look, you know." The band abstained from stage performances until the release of their second album Your Torment. On December 23 in 1996 before the album hit stores, the band gave a single performance of their new material. A combination of Marz's stage presence and guitar methods blew the audience away. When Your Torment hit shelves the following morning of Christmas Eve, the album sold out, later peaking at #1 on both U.S. and U.K. charts.

Musical InfluencesEdit

Personal LifeEdit

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