Metamorphosis Records
[[Image:[IMG][/IMG]|250px|Metamorphosis Records]]
Type Private
Genre Various
Founded 2008
Founder Murder Vengeance
Area served Worldwide
Key people Katie Zombie, Elle Fame
Industry Music industry
Products CDs, DVDs, Concert Promoter
No. of Employees 10

Metamorphosis Records was founded in September 2008 by Murder Vengeance The Leader of SuicideParty Originally known as Rockstar Records, Bobby felt it needed to be revamped with more staff, and also drop a few acts so more time could be spent with the more important ones.

Mission StatementEdit

We are Metamorphosis Records. We take in old and new artists and help them grow.

The Closing Of Metamorphosis Records Edit

The beginning of december a lot had happened in the music industry, Labels old and new were closing, The closing of Metamorphosis Happened december 6th 2007. As artists faded away from the business there was no use for the label.

The Re Opening Of Metamorphosis Records Edit

On April 1st 2009 Murder Vengeance announced that the label will open it's doors for good this time, he has been trying to contact the artists on this label. In April 2010 Metamorphosis Records Merged With Junction Records

As of 2011 Metamorphosis Records has ended the merger with Junction Records

February 1st 2014 Metamorphosis Records is up and running again thanks To Katie Zombie re opening it by investing her money into it. Bobby zombie is out as Owner and CEO while Katie steps into those roles.


On The Horizon
Johnny Guitar

Former Artists Edit

Briana Risk
Saburben Sunrise
Alicia Lena
Stefani Rose
Zach Tyler
Broken Helix
Daphne Aguilera
Electric Roses
Elle Fame
Katie Price
Natalya Banhart
Tisha Jackson
Nigel Beth
Written Consent
The Letter C
Hollywood Revolver


The Letter C Edit


Things Are So Much Better With The Letter C(October 2009)
Love Coma

Hollywood Zombie Edit


1.Sunrise On The HorizonApril 15th
2.Sunset On The HorizonTBA
3. Beauty & The Punk(Feat.Briana Risk)April 10th

Elle FameEdit


1.Up Against The Wall(with Jessie Pro)

Natalya BanhartEdit


1. Breathe
2. It's Fate (ft. Jake Murder)

Katie PriceEdit


1. A Whole New World
2. The Best Things In Life Are Free
3. Part Of Your World (ft. Natalya Banhart)
4. Loving Days
5. Play With Fire


1. Covers: Collection

Daphne AguileraEdit


1. Let My Hair Down
2. Lipstick
3. Not Such An Innocent Girl/Official


1. The Comeback

Tokyo POPSTAR!Edit


1. L.O.V.E. (ft. Elle Fame)
2. Dancefloor Anthem (ft. Katie Price)


1. Confessions Of A Love Junkie
2. Fuck The American Dream

Nigel BethEdit


1. Many Apologies, No Regrets


1. The Flood

Broken HelixEdit


1. Take It On
2. Dragostea din tei (Numa Numa)
3. Original Sin
4. Rightous Kill
5. Umbrella


1. Revolution
2. Resident Evil

Tisha JacksonEdit


1. Sexy.Sexy.Sexy. (ft. Elle Fame)
2. Send Me An Angel

Jellyfish-Metamorphosis CaseEdit

Metamorphosis Records was sued by Jellyfish Productions for stealing Jellyfish's artist, Broken Helix, who were still officially signed to Jellyfish at the time. Metamorphosis pleaded guilty and paid Jellyfish a large fine. This also lead to their eventual downfall.

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