Mildly Erotic is the second single released by the rock band Gillians. It is the first single released under Spice Records and the first single with Spice Records artwork. It was recorded after their first American tour but did not sell in America.

Mildly Erotic

Single 2

Recording Location
Liverpool, UK
Release Date
2nd February, 2008
Produced By
Tony Visconti
Highest Ranking
Total Sales


  • Making a Splash! in New Jersey: the anthem of Gillians is a comedic rock song about diving into Gillians Water Park. It is sung by Bob Smith.
  • Pancake Morning: this comedic rock song was written by Sev in high school and is about breakfast at the Young household. It is sung by Johnny Young.
  • Bathroom Blues (Ah!): this is another comedic rock song about constipation and the like. It is sung by Johnny Young.


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