Origin Cambridge, England
Genre(s) Experimental Metal
Years active 2007 - 2011
Label(s) Studio60, Seagull Studios
Associated acts The Fucking Fuckers

Jason Smith

Former members
Jason Smith - Lead Vocals,Rythm Guitar,
Harry Thronton -Bass Guitar
Aaron Del Potro - Lead Guitar
Robert Edwards- Drums

Juju "Jaws" Edmonson De Boa

Mind were an award winning experimental metal band from Cambridge, England. They were formed in 2007 by 4 students and went on to achieve critical acclaim in their short career. They experimented with many musical genres, usually combining them. Lead singer Jason Smith is also known for his solo career and being a musical personality.


Beginnings as a punk band (2007-2008)Edit

Mind were created from the remnants of a previous grindcore band entitled Chaotica in early 2007 by guitarists Aaron Del Petro and Jason Smith. They initially used session drummers for various different EPs, most of them lost, but eventually hired Robert Edwards for the drum duty and Harry Thornton on the bass. According to Jason Smith, their initial sound was "relentless, fast paced post-hardcore. Dual guitar attack and no mercy." They started touring with various different bands before going on a short hiatus.

Transformation into metal, breaking the scene (2008-2009)Edit

After this hiatus, they reformed as a nu-metal revival band, apparently to "tribute our heroes at the time". Through a mixture of covers and experimental tracks, they managed to catch the attention of a scout at the indie label Marching Ants. They turned down a contract however since it apparently didn't grant them enough artistical freedom.

By 2009, most of the nu-metal traits had dissappeared and Mind had evolved into a combination between alternative metal, industrial and hardcore punk. They proceeded to get mainstream attention, releasing the critically acclaimed EP MindBodySoul, before beginning work on Free Your Mind.

Free Your Mind was released in the same year to a lukewarm response and is generally overlooked by most fans of the band due to its different nature and approach. It did, however, spawn a well known single in Amber is the New Red.

The Juggernaut and The Aeronaut (2010)Edit

The following year saw two albums released with a much larger emphasis on progressive, symphonic and electronic elements as opposed to the abrasive punk that they were known for. When The Juggernaut was released, two successful singles came out of it, Lyophilization (the Word and the Worlds) and Divine Usurper. This broke them into the mainstream and earned them a number of fans, as well as earning consistent airplay on music channels. The album is regarded as one of the bands strongest.

Although not as well received as The Juggernaut, The Aeronaut also was acclaimed, mainly for its pop elements and more accessible nature. By this point, a lot of the punk rock and nu-metal elements had dissappeared. The title track is the bands most successful single, earning 4 weeks at number 1 in the airplay charts.

Shattered Fairytale and Dream Serpent (2011)Edit

Shattered Fairytale was released in early 2011 to much critical acclaim, gaining 5 star ratings from publications such as Chaos Magazine and generally being hailed as a landmark for modern metal. It is comprised of more spacey, ethereal sounds combined with a heavy emphasis on groove metal. Bludgeoned into Submission reached number 1 on the airplay charts.

Dream Serpent followed this trend although to a lesser extent, although it failed to spawn a single quite as successful as the two that preceeded it. Summers Edge came at number 2 in the airplay charts, before the band split up.


Before the release of their final album, the band split up due to personal reasons. Jason Smith went on to form a solo project, Harry Thornton joined Mudshovel, Aaron Del Petro became part of Anima and Robert Edwards was revealed as the new drummer in Reported Failure.

Musical StyleEdit

Mind are generally considered an experimental band who do not limit to one specific genre of music. Some that are included are industrial, ambient, classical, alternative rock, power metal, electronica, groove metal, death metal, black metal, pop, trip hop, avant-garde noise, theatre music, baroque pop, chamber pop and art rock, amongst other sounds.


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