Missing Pages


Band Name
Missing Pages
Band Members
Dario Di Ponzio - Vocalist
Mark McFadden - Bass/Back Vocal
Stephen Andersson - Acoustic Guitar
Robin Stephens - Drums
TJ Johnson - DJ/Keyboard
San Diego,USA
Modern Rock / Pop-Rock
Years Active
2006 - Present
Previous Band Name
Top Rope Leader (2006 - 3 Albums Made) - From The Mountain To The Air (2007 - 1 Album Made)

Missing Pages are a young pop-rock band with influence from the most important Pop-Rock international artists. Borned as Nu-Metal Rock band in 2006 they changed their style (and their name) with their arrive to the Midnight/Mythic Records Label. Now the band genre is become the Pop-Rock dedicated to the Mainstream. The band had also a nomination on Birdies as Best Newcomer but she didn't win.

The BeginningEdit

At the beginning the band was formed by only 4 elements. Transferred from Toronto to New York to study Dario Di Ponziodecided to start a musical project with 4 university friends on 2004. The band sooner started to become a surprise in New York downtown thanks to the popularity gained by Linkin Park and other bands to their Genre (Nu-Metal). The first band name was Last Train Home but after a series of problem with an irish band with the same name the band decided to change the name in Top Rope Leader. After the end of the study Dario Di Ponzio (Singer),Gary Sundgren (Bassist),Matt O'Hara (Lead Guitar) and Bernard Kopizky (Drums) decided to start to take the things seriously and they released the first single.

The First SuccessEdit

Is the 2005 when the Top Rope Leader gains popularity in all europe and release as first single Every Little Secret that hit the number 5 on European Charts. The band in few days becomes a new musical phenom and their follower single will be reminded as the best guys hit.

Based On A True Story (2005) - Top Rope LeaderEdit

The 2006 is the year of Top Rope Leader debut with Based On A True Story. In few weeks the album hit the number 1 in Europe and the follower single of Every Little Secret called Bianchini At The Gay Pride hits the number 1 in a surprising way. In few days on internet copies of the album started to travel so the band decide to release a fake version of first album.

All My Reject (2005) **Fake Album** - Top Rope LeaderEdit

This "album" is released the same day of Based On A True Story and is simply a fake version of the real album with only bad demo tracks of songs erased from first album and sample version of real songs of first album. No single of this album is released and he never entered on the charts.

Long Road To Ruin?Edit

After the incredible success of Based On A True Story the band decide to close again in a studio still without any label behind them and to write a new album. The tour start to give incredible result to the young band and they collect great feedback in all the europe and South America. After 100 days of work on a new album and of no-stopiing tour the moment of the new album comes but before that a series of songs are released by the band in total No-Stopping work and some of that enters in the Europe Chart and someone also at number 1 (Bullet For A Gun).

The Process Of Our Return (2006) - Top Rope LeaderEdit

The Second LP of Top Rope Leader is promoted by the single Blood In The Glass For Who Hate Us but the single hits only the 74 position in Europe and the Album hits only the 11 position. The reviews of the album starts to be negative and the Top Rope Leader bassist Gary Sundgren in a interview admit the problem behind the album: "We started to write the album maybe too late and the sounds wasn't like we expected to hear".

Crisis Inside The Band and New NameEdit

The flop of The Process Of Our Return constrincted the band to work more on the new album. After some discussions inside the band Matt O'Hara decide to leave the band. The band after the announce on their myspace of the leaving of the Lead Guitarist decide to change their name in From The Mountain To The Air. The beginning with the new name is good and in interview on the Rockstar Magazine the vocalist Dario Di Ponzio announce that: "We are in a period of translation and we are trying to come back on business but is really hard have success if your enemy are inside the band". After one year of silence the From Mountain To The Air decide to release the single The End Of All The Things To Come, Nu-Metal track with strong chorus and powerful sounds.

Connections From Different Worlds (2006) - From The Mountain To The AirEdit

The Album find again bad review on internet newspaper that also announce in an ironic way the end of the band. The End Of All The Things To Come hits only the number 70 in Europe while the album misses the top 20. After few days all the Tour dates are cancelled and the singer Dario Di Ponzio announces the departure of the 2 left members and the probably end of the band.

Leave The Memories BehindEdit

It's the 2007 when under a new name Dario Di Ponzio come back with a new project. After an announce on the new band name myspace the audition for new members starts. After 1 month the band is borned and starts to work on a new album alone and with only the hope to do something great. The Missing Pages starts to work and in few months the album is ready and done. As final fantastic notice the band announce their signing to Souled Out Records, a sub-label of Midnight/Mythic Records and their new life can begin.

Nothing Left To Lose (2007)Edit

Nothing Left To Lose is the first album of the band under the new name. The First single to come out from first album is "Brand New Day" with the collaboration of the Shadows Of My Former Self. As second single is selected a Positive-Rock track like "We Don't Have To Look Back Now" and thanks to this beautiful tracks the band hitted the Top 10 in all the world and great review of newspapers. After the success the band decided to come back in studio to write the new album.

The Side "B" Of My Life (2007)Edit

The Side "B" Of My Life is the second LP after "Nothing Left To Lose" released by the Missing Pages. Released 1 month after the previous work the first single to come out from the new album was "Stay Alive", Rock track that hitted the chart with bad results (Never entered on top 20). As in the past the Shadows Of My Former Self comed back to help the band and "Leave The Hole Behind" hitted the top 10 in all the world and the album started to fly on charts.

Anthem Of Our Dying Day (2007)Edit

Anthem Of Our Dying Day is the third work of the band after the passage from Souled Out Records to M/M. The new major work is incredible and also the band is surprised when for the first time she hit the number 1 in few nations and touch also the number 2 in World even if in a period like christmas full of new release. The Only single to come out from new work is "I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness". In This Album appears also Axotalic and Raven

When All That's Left Is You (2008)Edit

When All That's Left Is You is the fourh album of Missing Pages. Promoted with an incredible pubblicity by Midnight/Mythic Records the album comes out on 1st March 2008 pushed by the hit single "Until There's Nothing Left Of Us", a positive ballad-rock track that conquered the first page of most of Rock Magazine in the world and followed by "Count On Me", Pop-Rock track. In few hours the album touched the first positions in all the world. The third single announced from the new album will be "Scars Of A Tomorrow". In an official poll on the myspace of Missing Pages the song beated "I Won't Let You Fall" and the release date for the new single of MP will be probably for the middle of March. The Video of the new single will be shooted in California by the drummer Stephen Andersson.

Hiatus (2008)Edit

After their album "When All That's Left Is You" Missing Pages decided to take an undifined hiatus to work on other projects.

The singer Dario Di Ponzio is currently working on a new album with his long time friend Mark Mcfadden that will be released between 2009 and 2010.


1)Previous name of the band wereRope Leader Top Rope Leader and From The Mountain to the air 2)Only member of actual Missing Pages to have played with the band from beginning is Dario Di Ponzio 3)In the past the band made a fake version of the first cd Based on a True Story called All My Rejects to send on tilt all the P2P. 4)The most loved band by the 5 San Diego guys are Moronic Changeling,Thunderwolf and My Freaky Valentine 5)Actually the Missing Pages are one of the more respected band in the music business thanks to his capacity to stay far from Showbiz light and of their help to all the artists 6)Their new project started under the name:Love Lost&action=edit&redlink=1 No Love Lost


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