Moonwalkers is an British rock Quartet. They formed in 2006. The band has consisted of Dameon, (lead vocals,Rhythm Guitar,Keyboard), Scar, (Lead Guitar), Lars Dayton, (Bass,Backing Vocals), and Jeremiah Moore, (Drums,Percussion). Moonwalkers was originally part of the British Britpop Revival Scene in Manchester. After playing less than a year, the band started to get some grassroots in punk rock, until completely transferring over.

Band historyEdit


The band Originally started out as a trio with Dameon, Scar and Eric Tai (known then as Tai). The band was a Britpop Revival band. However, they lasted less than a year before becoming Punk rock. Tai had quit the band once they changed to Punk. In need of a drummer, the band found Jeremiah Moore. Also, now since the band started punk, they decided to get a bassist. That's where Lars Dayton came along.

Chimp RecordsEdit

The band were signed to Chimp Records in 2009, and are about to release their debut album, Virtual Dynasties. The debut single, "M.A.R.S.", has been released so far. The second single is debated to either "Aviation" or "Exciter". In the end, "Exciter" won. The band's first studio album, Virtual Dynasties, is to be released sometime in June. The next single from the album was announced to be "Time Isn't Lost". It has been stated that "M.A.R.S." won't be feautured on the album.

Dynastical TourEdit

Dynastical Tour is the tour supporting the band's album, Virtual Dynasties. It will have massive usage of pyrotechnics, laser lights, stuntmen, and other performers. Frontman Dameon stated this as "The Greatest Concert in the Last Twenty Years!"

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