Band formed in August of 2007, with his headquarters in Barcelona.

We are an infamous band born to make our singer's older brother band competence.

The band has been dismissed in July 2008 due the leaving of the great DaRKeR.

Our DiscographyEdit

Our Jobs in an independent label are:

Masters of Punishment - Tribute to Tensodio (2008)

El Avanze (2008)

El Retorno (2008)

UnDosTresCuatroCincoCincoSeis (2007)

KaskoDeKrostas (2007)

Band MembersEdit

DaRKeR (Guitar Hero & Main Singer)

Tía Super Jamona y Florero (Chorus)

Petao Rastafari (Bass & Hash)

Tu-tu-pá-tupá (Drums)

The Great Big Smoker (Smoking Manager)

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