Music Channel


Nov 12, 2007
Owned by
mCH. Networks
United States
Broadcast area
New York City, New York

music Channel (often spelled as music CH.) is a music television channel, which features many popular musical artists. Currently only in it's beginning stages, the channel hopes to expand over time. The channel airs every week on Saturdays, keeping up with the ever changing pop culture. New artists also tend to appear on the channel and expose themselves to more people, and already popular artists are often seen on air and usually come on to preform, and promote their new releases.

List of AppearancesEdit

Date Name Promoting
11/13/07 GirlSpice Oxygen
11/14/07 Vivification The Quest, Area 51
11/15/07 Yumi Takahashi 恋のつぼみ
11/16/07 Casting Thin Shadows A Thousand Lies, Fate, Faith, Fatality
11/19/07 The Skulls New Minute
11/23/07 Aftershock Forever Is Too Long

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