My Dear Angel

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22nd October 2009
Alternative Rock
Stan Records
Tony Visconti
Video made
10th October 2009
Place of video
Los Angeles, USA 2009
Video director
Tony Visconti

The single is named "My Dear Angel". This is the first single released from second album. Video for this song is first video for bands second album titled "My Dear Angel - Historia Dwóch Światów" (eng. My Dear Angel - The Story Of Two Worlds"). This song is the first english song written by PsYchodelia and leader said that this is the best their song ever.


"My Dear Angel" was first premiered in Sydney on Fun World Fans Tour.

About SingleEdit

Date of release is 22nd October 2009. It include one true single track with videoclip and two b-sides tracks. The single was named just like title of bands second album. It was released by Stan Records.

Track LisingEdit

  • Single - "My Dear Angel" 7:32 + Videoclip
  • 1 B-Side - "Mój Własny Nekrolog" (eng. "My Own Obituary") 5:00 + Videoclip
  • 2 B-Side - "Więc giń, GIŃ!" (eng. "So die, DIE!") 3:49 + Videoclip


My Dear Angel (10th October, 2009)

Mój Własny Nekrolog (7th November 2009))

Więc giń, GIŃ! (7th November 2009)

Music VideoEdit

Date of release is 10th October 2009. This video was making with video "Jak Wydoić Szaloną Krowę?" ("How To Milk A Crazy Cow?") in the same time. Video "My Dear Angel" is about war where we can see the evil of people and how terriible can be human for another human. After that we can see angels fighting with themselves.



Total Sales: 216,991

High Chart: 28

Aus & NZEdit

Total Sales: 146,951

High Chart: 53


Total Sales: 113,309

High Chart: 114


Total Sales: 477,251

High Chart: 132

Charts best "40"Edit

On Friday 23rd of October, the single "My Dear Angel" was in "40" on european charts (34th place).

On Saturday 24th of October, the single "My Dear Angel" was in "40" on european charts (28th place).

On Sunday 25th of October, the single "My Dear Angel" was in "40" on european charts (38th place).

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