My Dog Spot
Studio album by Pussycow
Released December 18, 2007
Recorded November 2007
Genre Alternative Rock
Length 44:20
Language English
Label Pegasus Records
Producer Jacques Stephan
Pussycow chronology
My Dog Spot Pussycow

My Dog Spot is the first full-length album of Los Angeles, CA Alternative Rock band Pussycow. It was released on December 18, 2007 in the US. The album's title and design are based on used car salesman Cal Worthington's television commercials and are an extension of the band's tribute to Southern California advertising.

Track listingEdit

1. "Winter Nights"
2. "Running From Everyone"
3. "The Condom Song"
4. "That Time We..."
5. "Prevailing Again"
6. "Spineless"
7. "Cheating Tramp"
8. "Hypocrite"
9. "Bleed Me Dry"
10. "Angel Of The Evening"

Album CreditsEdit

Kal Worthington - Vocals/Guitar
A.D. Deux - Bass
Jacques Stephan - Drums/Producer
Dan Santana - Mixing

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