New York Love Affair
Single by Alicia Lena
Released 6th April, 2010
Recorded The Hit Factory, New York
Genre Pop/R&B
Length 11:14
Label Junction Records
Producer Stephanie Fierce, Tony Visconti

New York Love Affair is a song by American Pop/R&B singer-songwriter Alicia Lena. It's the first single from her debut album This Is Who I Am the album & single features vocals from Stephanie Fierce. The single is set to be released in April 2010 by Junction Records!.

Writing & RecordingEdit

The song was written in 2009 by Alicia Lena. In February 2010 it was announced that Stephanie Fierce's vocals would feature on the song as a duet with Alicia Lena. It was also announced that Stephanie Fierce would co-produce the song along with Tony Visconti. The vocals for the song were recorded on 14th February 2010 and mixing and producing was finished on 2nd March which was ahead of schedule and also meant that the song could be released between sooner than expected. Alicia said this of working with Stephanie Fierce "I was so nervous it was unbelievable, What a way to start my music career by working with one of the most successful people in music. I was completely star struck". An alternative version of the song will feature as a B-Side for the single which has vocals by Alicia Lena on her own and it will be the version played during her live performances.

Release & ReceptionEdit

The song was released on 6th April 2010 and peaked at number 26 in the South America charts but it wasn't as succesfull in the USA and UK. Critics said that the song was a good start to Alicia's career and that although it may not have charted well the song is still a great tune and it's expected to feature in Alicia's live performances for years to come. An alternative version of the song is set to be covered by Jordan Marshall for his debut EP. 3 Weeks after it's release it sold 258,248 copies.

Track ListingEdit

# TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "New York Love Affair (Feat. Stephanie Fierce)"  Alicia Lena 5:46
2. "New York Love Affair (Original Version)"  Alicia Lena 4:20
3. "Kill The Runaways (Stephanie Fierce Cover)"  Stephanie Fierce 4:12

Chart PositionsEdit

Chart (2010)[1] Peak
Canadian Singles Chart N/A
Europe Singles Chart N/A
UK Singles Chart 54
USA Singles Chart 55
Aus & NZ Singles Chart N/A
South American Singles Chart 26
Asian Singles Chart N/A
Worldwide Singles Chart 216

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