Years Active
Århus, Denmark
Crossover Thrash
Thrash Metal
Progressive Metal
Technical Metal
Hardcore Punk
Thrashtastic (2004-2008)
Spice Records (2008-Present)
Jens Kiddam
Fredrik Thordendalus
Dick Lævgrøn
Tomas Hååke

Nextradamus are a crossover band from Århus, Denmark. They play a very fast and techincal style of crossover thrash metal. They have been active since 2004, and have released a number of demos and promos. Their first selftitled studio album was released in July 2008, and was met with mixed reactions. They are well known for their chaotic live performances and their complicated, dissonant songwriting.


Formation and the demosEdit

Jens Kiddam and Fredrik Thordendalus were both taking a degree in mathematics at Århus University. They both knew how to play a guitar very fast, as they had both been large fans of many a guitar virtuoso. The two started writing songs together in their freetime, leading to the formation of Nextradamus. Jens and Fredrik continued writing songs without a drummer and a bassist for another 4 months, before they teamed up with Tomas Hååke and Dick Lævgrøn and started playing covers of old thrash songs at the local concerts. The band quickly made a name for themselves, and were soon a celebrated live act.
A few months later, their first demo was recorded. Printed in only 1000 copies, it showcased very raw production qualities, and unrefined songwriting. In spite of this, Nextradamus signed to Thrashtastic only a month after the release of the demo. It has become a rare collectors object.
Nextradamus continued playing concerts as support for bands in Århus and the surrounding areas, and when they opened for Exodus, things really started going well for them. Thrashtastic demanded that they recorded some new songs so they could get their reputation even further, and a few months later, Nextradamus released their second demo, 'Genocide'. The demo was met with unsuspected critical acclaim, and was downloaded over 20000 times from their website. Nextradamus ware suddenly considered one of the most promising metal acts in Denmark.

The first album and Spice RecordsEdit

Not soon after the release of Genocide, Thrashtastic released Nextradamus from their 3 album contract for undisclosed reasons, though hints have been thrown about that the label was unhappy with the amount of time the band was taking writing the record.
Their selftitled debut album was finished July 2008, and was released by the band under a "choose your own price" marketing campaign, similar to what many major artists such as Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails have done. The album was an independent success, having been downloaded over 70000 times and climbing.
Critical reaction was mixed. The album showed a more distinct sound than on the demos, which was praised by many critics. Most felt that the band's focus on technicality and complicated songwriting was "more than a bit pretentious", and the album was also critised for "not being nearly as good as the band had promised". Despite the critical reviews, the album was praised for the "humorous and ingenious" lyrics, as well as the production qualities.

'Technical Mindfuck' and the second albumEdit

Nextradamus had already written 3 songs they wanted to use for their next album. The first of these songs was released for free on their website. 'Techincal Mindfuck' showcased a somewhat different Nextradamus than what had been heard before. The song featured many tempo changes, heavy palm muted riffing and complex intricate solos, a somewhat steep departure from the earlier raw music.
The band has said that most of the new album has already been written, and that it's "faster, more aggresive, and more interresting" than their debut. The album which name is currently unknown, is to be completed early September 2008, and will feature 10 songs, most of which are considered to be "epic in nature". No cover art has been revealed.


Live performancesEdit

Nextradamus' live performances are extremely chaotic, for which they are well known. They often incorperate light shows, fire breathing and stage diving into their already raw qualities. The band members often break a few bones now and then, because of the onstage antics. "I once fell from like 10 feet, when we were playing at Train last year" says Thordendalus. "I sometimes climb unto the floodlights and play from up there, it's dangerous, but damn it, it's good entertainment!"

Musical style and influencesEdit

Nextradamus' brutal style of thrash metal is often linked to contemporaries such as Municipal Waste and K.I.C.K.A.R.S.E.. The band themselves state D.R.I, Neurosis, Acid Bath, Anthrax, Heathen, Toxik, Rush, Dream Theater, Meshuggah and many other bands as influences.
Their early material, remniscent of D.R.I. appears to be the past for Nextradamus. 'Technical Mindfuck' shows a much heavier, dynamic sound. Critics have suggested it as "some sort of weird relationship between Meshuggah and D.R.I.".


EP's, singles, demos and studio albums.

Albums Ep's & Singles Demos
Nextradamus Technical Mindfuck Meshuggena
Sodomising The System Heart. Ache. Fear. Genocide

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