Casting Thin Shadows
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Nightcrawler is the third and label debut album from goth band Casting Thin Shadows. This is consided to be one of the bands classic albums. This album is one of CTS significant albums to date.

With this album, CTS went alot more darker and gothier. With Cure-like riffs on such tracks as The Darkness and haunting bass lines.

Two singles were realed on this album. Fear, and Take Me Down.


This album is regarded, by most of reviewers, media, fans, etc., as the best album of the band and the one where Regans lyrics just got to a point in which they couldn't get any better. Also it is remarked as one of John Smiths best work he has done as a guitarist.

Nightcrawler is CTS approach on how depressing everything really is in life and how everyone out there in the world is out to get you. At least thats what Regan was stated in an interview before the album came out. The band were influenced by the movie The Crow and The Cure's "Disntergration" album.

Lyrically, it also shows a change, being the lyrics more poetic then any of their other albums.


The album was recorded alongside An Un-Answered Prayer, and Everything & Nothing. This album was the first in the Dark Triology.

"If you listen the three albums together, you can tell how they all relate together as one who record." Stated John Smith.

The album was recorded in a studio Regan purchased with his money from signing to a label in North Carolina.

Track listingEdit

All tracks written by Casting Thin Shadows

1 Nightcrawler
2 The Darkness
3 Fear
4 The Moon Is Falling Down
5 A Slipery Slope Part I: Suicidal
6 A Slipery Slope Part II: Funeral
7 A Slipery Slope Part III: The Afterlife
8 Take Me Down
9 Lullaby
10 The Sorrow Drowned Me In The Lake

Peak positionsEdit

Region Peak Position Sales Total
UK #687 80,606
USA #262 261,979
Canada #N/A N/A
Aus & NZ #N/A N/A
South America #N/A N/A
Asia #N/A N/A
Europe #N/A N/A
World #631 342,585


Additional personnelEdit

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