No Prayers Left

ABR 1063

01/04/2008 - 02/27/2008
Symphonic melodic death metal
Produced by
Tony Visconti and Transferium Project
Recorded at
Tico Tico Studios, Finland

No Prayers Left is the sixth full-length album by melodic death metal band Transferium Project. They made uses of a synth orchestra, which was very time-consuming to make.


1. "Deceived By The Higher Powers" (Music and Lyrics: Galfore, Carlsson)
2. "By Sins Be Driven" (Music And Lyrics: Carlsson)
3. "Purified"( Music: Carlsson, Lyrics: Schwartz, Galfore, Carlsson)
4. "A Kaleidoscopic World" (Music: Galfore, Schwartz, Lyrics, Galfore)
5. "A Pitch Black Process" (Music and Lyrics: Galfore, Schwartz, Carlsson, Ivanevska)
6. "Untitled" (Music and lyrics: Galfore, Carlsson)
7. "Our Nordic Spirit" (Music And Lyrics: Carlsson, Svensson)
8. "Requiem" (Music And Lyrics: Ivanevska, Carlsson)
9 "When Nobody Cares" (Music: Ivanevska, Carlsson, Schwartz, Lyrics: Schwartz, Carlsson, Bandaneros)
10. "Staring In The Eyes Of Death" (Music: Carlsson, Galfore, Lyrics: Schwartz)

Song descriptionsEdit

1. "Deceived By The Higher Powers": If you expected an ambient intro, you're on the wrong adress. It starts with a thundering, hyper fast drumsolo, heavy distorted guitars. It features a symphonic orchestra, which plays with slightly distorted electric voilins, cellos and basses. The vocals had to be recorded at the last minute because it wrecked Giogio's throat totally.
2. "By Sins Be Driven": This is the fastest song Tp ever wrote (270 bpm) It has everything: clean vocals, screams, keyboard solos and bass tapping. It tells a story of someone who expresses his hate against his brother, who lives a live of deceit, greed and betrayal.
3. "Purified": A heavy metal influenced song, it features Giogio's highest vocals.
4. "A Kaleidoscopic World": This song starts immediatly with a blast beat from Anders and melodic keyboards. It only slows down at the chorus and even then it isn't "slow".
5. "A Pitch Black Process": It starts with the orchestra and then the guitars enter. Keys, bass and drums enter after 2 minutes.
6. "Untitled": This song is an acoustic ballad. Freddy and Vlad both play 12-string guitars on this song.
7. "Our Nordic Spirit": This song explores the music of the scandinavian countrys and deals with the nordic gods ans myths. It is almost viking metal and we don't deny that this theme returns in our songs.
8. "Requiem": As it was written by two guitarists, this song i pretty much guitar driven. It even feature synth guitars played my Alfredo. It is also the first TP song not to feature double bassdrums (apart from Untitled).
9 "When Nobody Cares": A journey back into the early day of TP, this is a pure trash song. Slayer-esque solo's, fast kickdrums and screams switched with clean vocals.
10. "Staring In The Eyes Of Death": This song is about mentalists who risk their life with their acts. Pauli wrote the lyrics after he saw a dutch program called "the new Uri Geller", in which they search for a new Uri Geller. It's a furious song which ends gently with bass, calm drums and a hammond organ.


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