After the release of Lovers & Other Strangers, AFtershock decided to complete the release of their oustanding B-Sides + collections. They had so far released 4 B-Sides+ albums for the If You Gotta Go...Go Now, Hidden Agenda, It Won't Be Long Now and Lovers & Other Strangers albums so they went back to their second album to release it's accomopanying B-Sides+ album.

To start with they selected 6 of the best/their favourite B-Sides from the No Pressure singles. They then looked at the unreleased material from the albums recording sessions to decide what to use for the remaining four spaces on the album. deciding the first new track was easy. It was to be a remix of the No Pressure album track Invisible which had beem considered for single release along with the original album. It was then decided that another old song entitled Stepping Stone should be included as it was nearly added to the original album. The last two spaces were filled with brand new songs entitled Hide & Seek and Overdue.

Tracklisting Edit

  1. Invisible (Boris Dlugosch Maxi Mix) (Previously Unreleased)
  2. Moring Sun
  3. I Am
  4. Hide & Seek (Previously Unreleased)
  5. Freedom
  6. Stepping Stone (Previously Unreleased)
  7. Help Me Help You
  8. Fallen Angel
  9. Overdue (Previously Unreleased)
  10. Have We Met Before?

Singles Edit

  1. Stepping Stone (Peak Position = #18 in USA & Canada)
  2. Overdue/Invisible (Boris Dlugosch Maxi Mix) (Peak Position = #3 in Canada & Asia)
  3. Hide And Seek (Peak Position = 8 in Asia)

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