Owocowe Pole

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11th September 2009
Alternative Rock
Stan Records
Danny Devo

The single is named "Owocowe Pole" (eng. "Fruits Field"). The song is from first album, it interact to strawberry from band logo and it is similar to song "Truskawek Smak" (eng. "Taste of Strawberries"). Very interesting fact is that the title of single is "Owocowe Pole" (eng. "Fruits Field"), but on the pictre the title is diffrent "Owocowe Pola" (eng. "Fruits Fields").

About Single Edit

Date of release is 11 September 2009. It include one true single track and two b-sides tracks. This is the second single released from that band. In this songs love is compare to fruits what is special for leaders lyrics. Released by Danny Devo.

Track ListingEdit

  • Single - "Owocowe pole" - (eng. "Fruits Field") 4:58
  • 1 B-Side - "Truskawek Smak" - (eng. "Taste of Strawberries") 3:48
  • 2 B-Side - "Przerost Pesymizmu w Czasach Powszechnego Optymizmu" (eng. "Excess of Pessimism in Times of Universal Optimism") 4:42 + Videoclip


Przerost Pesymizmu w Czasach Powszechnego Optymizmu (2nd September, 2009)

Charts Edit

Europe Edit

Total Sales: 100,164

High Chart: 93

World Edit

Total Sales: 100,164

High Chart: 314

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