Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, UK
Years Active
SouledOut (2008) Art is Bullshit (2009)
Cole Hasely, Nicky Wilks, Andy Tennant, Anthony Rowley, Keaton Fischer

Paramedics are an indie/rock band from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. They consist of Cole Hasely (Vocals, Guitar), Nicky Wilks (Lead Guitar), Keaton Fischer (Bass), Anthony Rowley (Drums), and Andy Tennant (Keyboards.)

The band formed in early 2005, and released two singles "Certain Lack Of Something" and "Smoking," along with a number of demo songs. By the end of 2007, the band had built quite a following in the local area, and gained enough fans for them to make a push into a bigger scene.

Since their beginning in 2005, Paramedics have released three studio albums and five top 40 UK chart singles.

Albums Edit

Year Title Chart Position (UK)
2005 A Certain Lack of Something 36
2007 Ambulance Chaser 16
2009 Rigore Valli Aeli 2

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