Pauli Schwartz
Birth name Paul Schwartz
Also known as The Ghost Bassist, James
Born 08/12/1983
Origin Schwerin, Germany
Genre(s) Metal
Occupation(s) Bassist
Instrument(s) Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Voice type(s) Death Growl
Years active 1994-now
Associated acts Transferium Project

Paul Werner Schwartz (born: 08/12/1983, Berlin, Germany) is the bassist for melodic death metal band Transferium Project. He is the youngest member of the band and together with Freddy, writes the most music.


Before Transferium ProjectEdit

Pauli was born in Schwerin, but his family moved to Berlin when he was young. He began playing guitar when he was twelve, but soon switched to bass because he felt it was easier. He went in an out of many bands, mainly because he couldn't find his style. This earned him the name "ghost bassist", a reference to the fact that when he was in a band, he suddenly left only to join another band.

When he felt het couldn't find his "destined band" in Germany, he went on a trip to all of Europe. On one of these trips he ran into the young Transferium Project, who then were still called Blooming Orchid. Their bassist just left and they needed another. When he didn't return to Germany, the underground scene of Berlin joked that "the ghost bassist finally found rest."
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Pauli live

Pauli quickly developed to the driving force behind the band. He does most of the interviews and spends the most time with fans after the concerts. He wrote the recognizable riff from Arise From The Grave. Pauli is currently promoting the new Transferium Project album No Prayers Left.


Between Nightstalker and Promises For A Dead Union Pauli started a side project called Arschloch (eng: asshole). With this band, Pauli wanted to use ideas which would not fit in Transferium Project. The band is currently recording their seventh studio album.


Pauli can play both with a pick and with his fingers. He prefers the pick because it enables him to play at higher speeds. Usually he uses a pick for the more fast songs and his fingers for slower ones. He played exclusively with his fingers on the first two albums. He is capable of playing with all four of his fingers but rarely uses this technique because he broke his pinky once while doing it. His main influences come from Rammstein, Die Toten Hosen, Stratovarius and Metallica.

Personal LifeEdit

Pauli is married to Anna Schneider. They live together in London. A few weeks ago, Pauli announced that Anna is pregnant with his first child. He spends his free time with building scale models, cooking and reading. On July 9, his daughter Ariana was born.


With Transferium ProjectEdit

With ArschlochEdit

  • Die Schwartzen Reiter (eng: The Black Knights) - 2007
  • Glücklich Auf Der Welt (eng: Happy On The World) - 2007
  • Das Album Das Johann Strauss Nie Gemacht Hat (eng: The Album That Johann Strauss Never Made) - 2007
  • Nichts Ist Für Dich (eng: Nothing Is For You) - 2007
  • Immer Kommen Wir Wieder (eng: We Always Return) - 2007
  • Wenn Die Seele Schreit (eng: When The Soul Screams) - 2008
  • Ich Kenne Alles (eng: I Know All) - 2008
  • Für Ewig Im Finsternis (eng: Forever In The Darkness) - 2008
  • Mit Blutige Augen (eng: With Bloody Eyes) - 2008
  • X (Pron: Zehn) (eng: Ten) - 2008


  • Warwick Thumb Bass
  • Warwick Vampyre Bass
  • Hartke Amps
  • Crybaby Wah-wah pedal
  • Finck straps


  • Pauli is the only member to have an endorsement deal with a strap distributor.
  • Pauli is terribly afraid of heights.
  • He participated in the first season of "I'm A Rockstar - Get Me Outta Here" and finished fifth.
  • He likes all sorts of pasta.
  • Pauli is an avid collector of manga's. He said that his favourite manga's are Death Note and One Piece.
  • Pauli likes the Norse country band Vassendgutane
  • He still plays at the Warwick Thumb bass he bought when he was fourteen.

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