Pedro Vuisso


Birth Name
Pedro Martín Vuisso
August 9th, 1989
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizers, Drums, Accordion, Saxophone
Years Active
Associated Acts
Rest in Peace, The Helium Balloon

Pedro Vuisso (born August 9th, 1989) is an Argentinian musician who plays bass for indie punk band Rest in Peace. Also, he is known for his solo material, which he releases under the pseudonym The Helium Balloon.

Early lifeEdit

Vuisso self-taught himself guitar at the age of 10, and most people who knew him then, says that it was extremely easy for him to play guitar. He played with his early band, Siamese Dream, at school several times. Two years later he learn to play bass, and when he was 13, he went to the Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires, one of the most important high-schools of South America. There was where he met their friends and bandmates Eduardo Savino, Federico Rosbaco and Miguel Alche, and with them and drummer Guido Monteur, formed Rest in Peace. The band was called then Devastados.

Rest in PeaceEdit

In 2005, the band went on a kind of "hiatus", because Vuisso and Monteur were too busy with school, and they almost lost the year. After they were relaxed again, they reunited with the other band members and recorded their first single, entitled "Palacio de las Mentiras".

Vuisso is considered the most important member of the band after Savino. He wrote and co-wrote some of the band lyrics, is one of the members who better interacts with fans and media and the best musician in the band. He played guitar in several Rest in Peace songs, and played drums on "Grammar or Death".

The Helium BalloonEdit

The Helium Balloon is the pseudonym used by Vuisso to release his own material. He's been writing since he was a child and always wanted to release his solo material but never did. When Savino announced that Self Esteem would reunite, Vuisso decided that it was the perfect moment to release his first EP.

This project is considered experimental, and it includes a lot of genres, like indie, folk, prog, post-rock, jazz, blues, krautrock and electronica. The first EP, "We Weren't Made for Each Other" was released on March 3rd, 2008.

An album release was confirmed recently. It will be released in the next months. The first single off the album (which is still being recorded), titled "Tonight", was released on Thursday, March 20th.


With Rest in PeaceEdit

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As The Helium BalloonEdit

Rest in Peace (edit)
Eduardo Savino · Pedro Vuisso · Federico Rosbaco · Miguel Alche · Guido Monteur
Albums: Kiss the Devil · Revolución - Vol.1: Odio · PUNK: Around the World - Rest in Peace Live! · Missing Letters, Dying Words · Revolución - Vol.2: Agony · Stolen Dreams · Efímero · Songs for... Well, Just B-sides · Revolutionary Breakdown
EPs: I Give You My Heart (On Christmas Night) · Live at the Aragon Ballroom
Singles: Palacio de las Mentiras · Awakening · Your Pain, My Pleasure · Ansiedad · Debes Mantenerte Quieta · Awakening (live) · Useless · Coldhearted · Tears and Screams · Not Alone · Fuck You · Ambitions of a Narrow Minded Hero · Hell Girl · Imperio · Reasons... · She · Drugs (Are Not For Me) · Sin Ideales · Efímero · G and Destroy · Grammar or Death · Smash Your Head · Revolutionary Breakdown · Sunshine · Anarchist Child
Labels: Death Records · Midnight/Mythic Records
Notable side projects: Self Esteem · The Helium Balloon
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