Pegasus Records
Type Independent Record Label
Genre Alternative Rock
Glam Rock
Heavy Metal
Industrial Metal
Thrash Metal
Founded 2007
Founder Dan Santana
Headquarters Orange, CA
Area served Southern California (band signings)
United States (record distribution)
Products Compact Discs
Vinyl Records
Digital Downloads
Services Band Promotion
Record Distribution

Pegasus Records is an independent record label founded in 2007 by The Rebirth Of Hostility frontman Dan Santana (who also takes on producing and/or mixing duties for most of his artists' albums). The label primarily serves Rock and Metal bands from Southern California.

The label was distributed by Orange Coast Media until December 2008. The distribution agreement ended due to disputes related to finances, as well as a breach of contract on the part of Orange Coast Media. As a result, Pegasus Records' operations are temporarily halted until a new distribution deal can be reached.

On April 27, 2009, label owner Dan Santana announced that a new distribution deal "is close to being completed". On June 19, Santana confirmed that a relaunch of Pegasus Records was "in progress" and that details would be revealed shortly.

On September 10, 2009, it was announced that Pegasus Records had officially relaunched. Due to Santana's acquisition of Streamline Media, Pegasus Records now handles their own distribution.

Artists & GenresEdit

Hostile Takeover (Heavy Metal)
Krunk Kings (Thrash Metal)
Pussycow (Alternative Rock)
Psoriasiss (Industrial Metal/Heavy Metal)
The Rebirth Of Hostility (Heavy Metal)
Another Day (Alternative Rock)
Lipstick Thespians (Glam Rock)


(in order of release)


Hostile Takeover
Fatal Distraction (2007)
Thrashdance (2008)
The Cover Purple (2008)
Field Of Screams (2008)
Backstabbing To The Future (2008)
Serpent's Eye (2008)
Hostile Takeover (2008)
The Dark Room (2008)
Betrayal Of Mankind (2008)
Terms Of Entrapment (2009)

Krunk Kings
The Prequel (2008)
The Stages Of Development (2008)
Royalty (2008)
A Return To Humble Beginnings (2008)
Muzak To Your Ears (2008)
The Sequel (2008)
The Ragu Festival (2008)
The Reshredening (2008)
Ramblings Of A Gladman (2008)

My Dog Spot (2007)
Pussycow (2008)
The Twilight Reel (2008)
California (2008)
Hollowgram (2008)
Lip Service (2008)
United Colors (2008)
Live From Worthington Ford (2008)
The Modern Classic (2008)
X (2008)
Monochrome (2008)

Blackened Blues (2008)
One Knight Stands (2008)
Psoriasiss (2008)
New Aggression (2008)
The Fifth Chapter (2008)
Mourningstar (2008)
Unpurified (2008)
Encyclopaedia Sintannica (2008)
Lest Ye Remember (2008)

The Rebirth Of Hostility
In Hell As It Is On Earth (2008)
The Lighter Side Of Darkness (2009)
The Darker Side Of Lightness (2009)

Another Day
Sunrise (2008)
Eye Of The Siren (2008)

Lipstick Thespians
The Key (2008)


Hostile Takeover
Hate Anthem (2007)
Moneymaker (2008)
United Hate In America (2008)
The Tainted Mind (2008)

Krunk Kings
Drunken Orgies (2007)
Her Need For Speed (2008)
War Ahead (2008)
Drink To That (2009)

T-Bone (2008)
The Kings Of Big Screen (2008)

Louisiana Blackening (2008)

The Rebirth Of Hostility
Black Tuesday (2008)
The Right To Become Violent (2008)
The Hall Of Death (2008)
Angelblood (2008)
Main Street Electrocution Parade (2008)
Lifethirst (2008)
The Palaces Of Sorrow (2008)
New Axe To Grind (2008)
Dragged Through The Blood (2008)
In The Light (2008)
On Your Tombstone (2008)
The Weapon (2008)
Fallen Foes (2008)
The Battle And The War (2008)
Anxious For Revenge (2008)
Resurrection Of Power (2008)
The Water Runs Red (2008)
Toxic Bloom (2008)
A Letter Of Retribution (2009)

Another Day
The Meaning (2008)
Reflections (2008)

Future ReleasesEdit





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