Personal Democracy
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Background information
Origin Los Angeles, California
Genre(s) Hard Rock, Rock
Years active 2009 - present
Label(s) Junction Records
Associated acts 4th Street Band, The Junction, Avenue's & Alleyways, Street Dreams
Tyler Jones - Lead Vocals + Songwriter
Joshua Perry - Lead Guitar + Bass
Matt Reed - Keyboards + Piano
Rikki Clarke - Rhythm Guitar
J.B Hudson - Drums

Personal Democracy is a Hard Rock Band from Los Angeles, California formed in 2009 by Max Armstrong after he had met each member he decided to put them together in a rock band and he signed them to his record label Junction Records. Max Armstrong owns the rights to the bands name and has the power to sack members of the band if he feels they aren't performing to a high enough standard.


Formation & Record Deal (2009 - present)Edit

Max Armstrong met each member of the band seperately and decided that they could become a great band so he decided to put them together in a rock band. The band consists of Tyler Jones, Rikki Clarke, Joshua Perry, J.B Hudson and Matt Reed. The band is expected to feature heavily with bands like The Junction, 4th Street Band, Avenue's & Alleyways and Street Dreams because they are all on the same record label with the exception of Street Dreams who are close friends with both Zach Adams and Max Armstrong. Their debut album is expected to be released sometime in 2010 Joshua Perry said in a recent interview "We'll be writing the material for our debut album in the next two months and we'll be going into 4th Street Studio's sometime in February, so a decent estimate for a release date would probably March/April 2010, i know our tour definitely starts in June and we've already made preparations for the tour". Their debut album is currently stated as being called Poison and Blood, Joshua Perry said in an interview that although the album is called Poison and Blood at the moment it's not 100% definite. They decided to name the album The Beginning instead of Poison And Blood.

Concert ToursEdit


Current membersEdit


Studio albumsEdit

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