Pojawiamy Się z Nikąd (PsYchodelia)

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24th August 2009
Alternative Rock
Stan Records
Zeta Zula
Video made
21st August 2009
Place of video
Warsaw, Poland 2009
Video director
Zeta Zula

The single is named "Pojawiamy Się z Nikąd (PsYchodelia)" (eng. "We Arrived From Nowhere (PsYchedelic)") . This is the first single released from that band. The song is featured as the opening track on the band's first studio album.

Premier Edit

"Pojawiamy Się z Nikąd (PsYchodelia)" was first premiered before the release of the album at the gigs in the Warsaw nightclubs.

About Single Edit

Date of release is 24th August 2009. It include one true single track with videoclip and two b-sides tracks. It was released by Stan Records.

Track Listing Edit

  • Single - "Pojawiamy Się z Nikąd (PsYchodelia)" - (eng. "We Arrived From Nowhere (PsYchedelic)") 2:59 + Videoclip
  • 1 B-Side - "Gdy Śnisz" - (eng. "When You're Dreaming") 1:38
  • 2 B-Side - "Na Trzy" - (eng. "On Three") 3:12


Pojawiamy Się z Nikąd (PsYchodelia) (21st August 2009)

Music Video Edit

Date of release is 21st August 2009. Video "Pojawiamy Się z Nikąd (PsYchodelia)" show us the band who is starting play gig in the nightclub and there are short cuts with personal movies of band members. Video is black and white, because they wanted to show their hard begin to become a rockstars.

Charts Edit

Europe Edit

Total Sales: 3,071

High Chart: 282

World Edit

Total Sales: 3,071

High Chart: 609

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