Poptastic 2008


Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Park Place
Founded By
Date (s)
August 13-14, 2008
Total Acts

The Poptastic Festival 2008, is currently the only festival consisting solely of pop and soft rock music. It is an outdoor festival taking place at Park Place, the venue held for the Canadian concert for Live 8, which took place in July 2005.


Wednesday 13th Thursday 14th


Wednesday Aug 13Edit

Jessie ProEdit


  • TBA


  • TBA


  • TBA

Elle FameEdit


  • TBA

Bassic RhythmEdit

  • Empty
  • Do Re Mi [Nirvana cover]
  • I Don't Think So!
  • Three Little Birds [Bob Marley And The Wailers cover]
  • Brown Eyed Girl [Van Morrison Cover]
  • Mr. Lonely

Thursday Aug 14Edit

Emma BluntEdit

  • TBA

Lychee CallingsEdit

  • TBA


  • TBA

The Drop Out AnthemEdit

  • TBA

Forever In JeopardyEdit

  • TBA

Wire-Tap ScarsEdit

  • The Late Night Apartment Sessions
  • Seperated By Sound
  • Poppin' Pills 24/7
  • Follow You Home After Every Show
  • Working Class Hero
  • Until Next Year

The JackoffsEdit

  • Ginger Bread Man Stole My Inocense
  • Excuse Me As I Laugh In Your Face
  • Polly, Come Fly With Me
  • Chicken Child
  • Octo-pus Mets Squidy
  • Grind Your Bones To The Skin

Jessie Pro (edit)
Singles: Frozen In Time | Wishes | Anywhere But Here | Show Me Your Moves | Flirtacious | Beyond The Rainbow | Sunburst | Up Against The Wall | Candy Street | No Limits | High | Princess Hill | History Revealed | Keep It Real | Its Your Duty | Zip Me Up | Fast Heat | Delicious | All I See | You Won't Forget About Me | The Celebration Has Come | Loba | Meet Me Halfway | Never Say Never (Unless I Do)
Studio Albums: Jessie Pro | LoveBite | In The Spotlight | Mind Games | Cover Me With Kisses
Other Albums: Grape Soda
Tours: I Promise, I Do, I Swear, I Don't Tour | This is Jessie and Elle Live
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