Promises For A Dead Union

[[Image:75896 7101948 ThomAirview|px]]

Melodic death metal
Produced by
Tony Visconti and Freddy Carlsson
Tico Tico Studios

Promises For A Dead Union (PFADU or Promises...) is the third album by melodic death metal band Transferium Project. A few of the songs were leftovers from the Nightstalker sessions. Four singles were taken from it: What Does It Take, Torturing The Children Of God, Lost In A MAze Of Misery And Greed and A Wave Of Ignorance.


The genre of the album is no longer trash metal, it's now melodic death metal. Giorgio said in an interview: "Making only fast, agressive songs kinds got boring. We wanted to make slow songs, maybe even a love song. Trash is not exactly the right genre to make that type of music. So we talked and decided we could do more with melodic death metal."
The lyrical themes have also changed. They aren't so violent as they were on the first album. They deal with war, social issues, hate and even love problems.


All lyrics by Carlsson and Galfore, music by Carlsson and Schwartz except where noted
1. "I Will Die For You (Neverending Embrace X)" - 3:10
2. "Torturing The Children Of God" (Music: Schwartz, lyrics: Schwarz, Galfore) - 6:31
3. "Can You Feel It Burning (Neverending Embrace IX)" - 3:58
4. "Il Fuoco Che Brucia Dentro (Il Abbraccia Infinito IIX) (eng: The Fire That Burns Inside (The Neverending Embrace IIX)" - 4:30
5. "The Day After" (Neverending Embrace XI) - 3:47
6. "What Does It Take" (Transferium Project) - 5:12
7. "Promises" (Music: Ivanevska, Carlsson, Schwartz, lyrics: Schwartz) 3:31
8. "In Total Darkness" - 3:51
9. "Lost In A Maze Of Misery And Greed" (Music and lyrics: Schwartz) - 6:30
10. "Voices Of The Crucifix" -5:36

There was made a mistake with the tracklisting, which placed the parts of "The Neverending Embrace" in the wrong order. Pauli said that they were lucky that "I Will Die For You" was a good opener.


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