Background information
Origin Garden Grove, CA, USA
Genre(s) Industrial Metal (2007-2008)
Heavy Metal (2008-present)
Years active 2007 - present
Label(s) Pegasus Records
Associated acts The Rebirth Of Hostility
Laurence Jakobson
Orville Redd
Ian Anderson
Shaun Struthers
Former members
Stan Irvine
Paul Sanders

Psoriasiss is a Heavy Metal four-piece from Garden Grove, California that began as an Industrial Metal five-piece. The members, who were part of local tribute bands such as Fathers Of Bodom (Children Of Bodom) and Bennstein (Rammstein), formed the band in 2007. The name "Psoriasiss" was formed from the original lineup's initials.

Current LineupEdit

Laurence Jakobson - Vocals
Orville Redd - Guitar
Ian Anderson - Bass
Shaun Struthers - Drums

Former MembersEdit

Stan Irvine - Keyboards
Paul Sanders - Vocals
Dan Santana - Session Vocals



All charting positions are from US Billboard 200 album charts unless otherwise noted.

Year Title Type Debuting Position Peak Position
2008 Blackened Blues Studio - -
2008 One Knight Stands Studio 163 139
2008 Psoriasiss Studio 59 59
2008 New Aggression Studio 114 114
2008 The Fifth Chapter Studio 50 38
2008 Mourningstar Studio 22 22
2008 Unpurified Studio 24 24
2008 Encyclopaedia Sintannica Studio 33 15
2008 Lest Ye Remember Studio 30 22


All charting positions are from US Billboard Hot 100 singles charts unless otherwise noted.

Year Title Debuting Position Peak Position
2008 Louisiana Blackening - -

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