RR, North Carolina
Experimental Rock
Progressive Rock
Goth Rock
Years Active
Machiavellian Records(2009)
Regan Futrell(Lead Singer, Lead Guitar, Keyboard), Alan Kidd(Drums, Back Up Vocals), Austin Simmons(Bassist, Vocals), Taylor Owens(Vocals, Lead Guitar), Jarrod Hawkins(Rythm Guitar, Vocals)

Band HistoryEdit

Quarantine is a progressive rock band formed by the ex-members of Casting Thin Shadows Regan Futrell and Alan Kidd. They both dropped their church family names and started this as a side project before the recording of CTS 13th studio album. Well after the band didn't talk to anyone Regan and Alan started recording demos and when the band finally decided to call it quits they turned their side project into a real band which is now Quarantine. They made their live debut performance at Have A Cake Festival. After it's live performance they signed a 2 album, 4 single deal with Machiavellian Records. Having already recorded an E.P. the band released a free E.P. on it's website on March 13th with 7 tracks. The album has been announced to be out on May 25th. The band is currently touring for support of the album and trying to build it's fan base up.


  • Quarantine (2009) (album)

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