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Birth Place
Thrash/Heavy Metal
Total Album Sales
Total Single Sales
Past Labels
Death Records, Thrash Records
Current Label
Talent Radar
Current Members
Jacob Crothernagel, Jeremy Crothernagel, Ryan Bryan, and John Turlock
Current Manager
James Carmelich
Life Span
Mid 2006-Present
Megadeth, Metallica, Anthrax, TestAmenT, Lich King, Havok, Fueled By Fire, Diamond Plate, Warbringer

Rathoria is a thrash metal band formed in mid 2006 by brothers Jacob and Jeremy Crothernagel. They have released 8 full length albums 2 live albums and 21 singles. Have toured the world 6 times. Their official website is Here

The Formation Edit

They jamed for several years bringing in several guitarists and bassists but none that could bet the job done. Until that fatefule day in May 2006 at a Thief show were Jacob and Jeremy got into a scuffel over a spilt drink with Ryan Bryan and John Turlock. By the end of the fight they released by viewing at each other's shirst denim vest and such that they would be otherwise very compatible with each other. They then decided to trade numbers and found they lived very close to each other and even in the same small town, Oakdale,CA.

The Early Days Edit

After several jam sessions had written all the material for their first ever release WHAT DID I DO TO YOU on 06/09/2006. This would be the beggining of a very long history of several albums and singles many have called mediocre. But are still near and dear to the fans of this band and those that bought them. Mosh Mosh Mosh,THE TRIPTYCH, and Go Man Go. None of which broke the platinum barrior. Discouraging sure but this sort of lack of success has followed this genra since is formation.The Live One With Some New Studio Recordings was a turning point and for the better. As it became the first album from this band to sell over a million copies. Although it would not be the last.

Turning Point Edit

Rathoria had toured the world once after the release ofThe Live One With Some New Studio Recordings. They decided to slow it down and turn from their thrash ways with the releases of Simply and We Rock For The Creator. The music was not the only change the message had changed as well. With We Rock For The Creator the band had put out their first album with christian messages in them. Jacob had become a christian after a near death accident. He and his friend were blazing down the highway and hit a truck head on. Jacob himself said,"It was as if Jesus came up to me and said. This life doesn't last forever. Let me show you a way that will let you escape hell". They toured the world succesfully for a third time. But the fans wanted the old Rathoria back again. And the band was happy to oblige.

The Spotlight Edit

Soon after the We Rock For The Creator World Tour. They released one of their highest acclaimed albums WE CAN'T STOP OUR THRASH FROM KICKING YOUR ASS. Breaking into the top 10 in the US and going double platinum it showed that you could play thrash and still be commercially succesful.Not soon after they made their second live album. Live at oakdale Metalfest it was a festival at their hometown of oakdale. They had always wanted to play but were always too busy to. But a small break gave them the time. After the fallout of that album their highest selling album of all time was released A Nation Under Anger. Breaking into number 10 in the us and in the top twenty in several other regions. But this spelled the end of the band for several years. Tensions soured as this was the angriest and most aggressive album from the band yet, and for good reason. The band had had bad blood brewing for years. Finally it became too much and the band called it quits.

A Second Coming Edit

A year later their manager James decided to try to reunite this band of miscreints. After much disscussion and a clearing of the air they decided to reform in January of 2008. Soon after they recorded their latest album and highest acclaimed album of all time. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! A political attack on american's and humanity for that matter. Covering everything but religion. Hitting a peak at 14 in south america. The band vows to hit number one a few times before even thinking of calling it quits again.