Regan Futrell
Birth name Regan Alexander Futrell
Born May 4th
Origin North Carolina, United States
Genre(s) Goth, Experimental, Alternative, Industrial, Progressive Rock
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, producer, record executive
Instrument(s) Singing, Piano, Keyboard, Programming, Guitar, Bass
Years active 2007 - present
Label(s) Negative Recrods, Eventual Records, Midnight/Mythic Records, Insomnia Records, Machiavellian Records
Associated acts Quarantine, Casting Thin Shadows, A Static Theory

Regan Futrell also known as Reverend R. Futrell is an American Muscian who is the frontman of Casting Thin Shadows. He plays the guitar, produces, and writes all the lyrics to every Casting Thin Shadows records.

He was born on May 4th and was raised in North Carolina. He is very successful. His band has realesed 12 albums, with 3 complations, 2 EPs and over 25 singles. He is also lead vocalist of the now abandon supergroup band of A Static Theory. Regan is currently recording a new Casting Thin Shadows record that will be the first without John Smith, and Luna Star. Also missing from it will be Paul Reeves.
Regan has also produced some songs, and albums. He is very close firends with everyone in the band Fear. He has produced 2 of Fears records. He also has produced some songs off of Alex Sins debut album "A Sinful Man". Regan alos produced some of Fear's comeback album "In The Crying Hours" which was Fear's last CD.
At the Midsummer Mashfest on Jne 20th. Saw the return of Casting Thin Shadows. Marcy Smith rejoined the band and the band will be realesing it's 12th studio album June 24th.
Regan has colloaborated with such artists Gillians, Superhighway Techno Buddha, and so on. In August 2008 saw the birth of Regan's own label Insomnia Records. The label is home to his band, Transferium Project, Bad Guys and others. Regan is currently touring with A Static Theory on which will be their last tour. The tour is in support of their lastest effort "Quiet. We Are Sleeping...". After the tour it has been said in interviews that Regan will return to Casting Thin Shadows and begin work on their 13th album.

CTS released their 13th studio album titled "Translations". The title came from Regan saying "I just felt like we've transformed into something unstoppable on this album. You know how you have to translate english into a beautiful language like German? It's like that." After this the band did a world tour in support. Followed that the band did a greatest hits tour.

Insomnia Records was closed down after Casting Thin Shadows last album was released. Regan claims it was getting out of control for him to handle.

5 months of inactivity the following message appeared on "It has come for me to announce a very gloomy announcement. Casting Thin Shadows have parted ways. We know you all are very upset but we reached this decision based on the fact we've been a band for a while and we just felt like it was time to move on to more important things. It is okay though because Alan and I both have formed a new band called Quarantine. We have been in the studio since the end of Casting Thin Shadows last tour and we can't wait for you all to hear this! Marcy claims he will record a long awaited solo album which sounds promising and Luna has said to go DJ at clubs and produce some local artists in her home town in New York, Dante has said he will finally sit at home and watch sons grow up and get his family off the ground. So, we would like to thank each and every fan we ever had, every band we've toured with, all of our friends, we love you all and it's time for new and better things. Here's to the future!" Casting Thin Shadows website has also been closed down. His new band features close friend and ex-Casting Thin Shadows member Alan Kidd, also Jarrod Hawkins, Taylor Owens, and Austin Simmons all from a local alternative rock band called Purgatory. The band is signed by the label Machiavellian Records.

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