Regan Alexander Futrell also known as Reverend R. Futrell
Birth Name
Regan Futrell
May 4th
North Carolina
Singing, Piano, Keyboard, Programming, Guitar, Bass
Goth, Experimental, Alternative
Years Active
2007 - Present
Associated Acts
Casting Thin Shadows, A Static Theory

Regan Futrell also known as Reverend R. Futrell is an American Muscian who is the frontman of Casting Thin Shadows. He plays the guitar, produces, and writes all the lyrics to every Casting Thin Shadows records.

He was born on May 4th and was raised in North Carolina. He is very successful. His band has realesed 10 albums, with 2 complations, 2 EPs and over 25 singles. He is also lead vocalist of the now abandon supergroup band of A Static Theory. Regan is currently recording a new Casting Thin Shadows record that will be the first without John Smith, and Luna Star. Also missing from it will be Paul Reeves.

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