Revolutionary Breakdown


Rest in Peace
February 1st, 2008
January 2008 - February 2008, The Dorc
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Revolutionary Breakdown is the title of the seventh studio album by indie punk band Rest in Peace, which was released on February 1st, 2008. This is the first full lenght album the band released under Midnight/Mythic Records. It was the first Rest in Peace album since guitarist Mike Alche was back.

This is a conceptual album, telling the story of a boy who sees the World around him and he wants to destroy everything. He becomes an anarchist, has a teenage love, fights with his so-called friends and thinks he can change the World and destroy capitalism; he sees himself in a fight against his fascist nation (it's thought that it is the U.S.) and dies fighting for what he believes.

The album has been categorized as "a 21st century old-fashioned punk-rock album" and has been nominated for the category of Best Album at the 12th IMAs/Birdies.

The lead single from the album, "Smash Your Head" has received significant radio airplay and was nominated, also at the 12th IMAs, as Best Single.

Revolutionary Breakdown debuted at #2 in Canadian charts, and it was the album's highest chart.

The album won the award for Best Album at the 13th IMAs, and was the first award the band ever won.

Track listingEdit

All lyrics written by Eduardo Savino (except where noted); music by Rest in Peace.

  1. "Revolutionary Breakdown" - 2:51
  2. "Lie, Liar, Lies" - 3:12
  3. "Smash Your Head" - 3:30
  4. "Friends?" (Savino/Vuisso) - 4:20
  5. "Anarchist Child" (Savino/Vuisso) - 7:16
    • I. "Burned the Statue"
    • II. "Somewhere"
    • III. "Paper Mouth"
    • IV. "Feeling Like Home"
  6. "Sunshine" - 4:42
  7. "Paint Your Heart (Of Red and Black)" - 2:14
  8. "Government < People" - 3:50
  9. "Lights Out" - 4:23
  10. "As She Walks By" - 3:30

Special EditionEdit

A special edition of this album was released containing a bonus disc with two unreleased tracks ("Blind As I Remind" and "It's Not Right") and two live versions ("Efímero" and "Not Alone"). Also it contained a booklet with photos of the band, in shows and also illustrations, and a copy of Savino's poem book, "El Placard".

Peak PositionsEdit

Region Peak Position Sales Total
UK #8 -
USA #4 -
Canada #2 -
Aus & NZ #6 -
South America #10 -
Asia #5 -
Europe #3 -
World #3 -


Eduardo Savino - vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar, guitar
Pedro Vuisso - bass, back vocals, guitar, synths
Federico Rosbaco - guitar, keyboards, back vocals
Miguel Alche - guitar
Guido Monteur - drums

Additional personnelEdit

Jack Henson - saxophone
Javier Roldone - trumpet
Tony Visconti - producer, mixing

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