Robin Krieger
Background information
Origin Manhattan, New York
Genre(s) Alternative Rock
Years active 2004 - present
Label(s) Junction Records

Robin Krieger (born April 17, 1987) is an American alternative rock bass guitarist from Manhattan, New York. Raised by his mother after his father died just before he was born, Krieger dropped out of school on his 16th birthday and worked in music store, before forming the band The Junction with his friend Max Armstrong. He's lived in New York City all of his life, Krieger has been in a relationship with highschool friend Sophie Michaels since 2006.


Early lifeEdit

Robin Krieger was born in 1987, in manhattan just 2 weeks after his father died, his mother worked in a local cafe and Krieger used to perform there during the weekend from the age of 6, during school he was a very popular student always known as the class clown and was always getting into trouble. He said that he always enjoyed going to school early on in his life but during his teen years he lost a lot of confidence for unknown reason's and became very quiet and shy.

he left school at 16 and immediately started working in a local music store and said that other than performing working in the music store was his favourite job. He used to take drugs from the age of 17 - 19 but realised that he was slowly killing himself so he went to rehab and ended up quitting drugs. He's much more quiet than his other band mates preffering to stay away from the media spotlight if he can.

Personal LifeEdit

He's been very shy regarding his personal life and has only ever been dating his current girlfriend Sophie Michaels, he said in a rare magazine interview "I do hope that Sophie is the only relationship i have, and i do hope to get married within the next 5 years, you know i really want the perfect family life, and one of the reason's i quit drugs is because i knew that i want kids someday and i don't want them to have a drug addict for a father". On July 20th 2009 Krieger married long term girlfriend Sophie Michaels in a fairly quiet ceremony which had band members and friends in attendance including Max Armstrong who was the best man, Chad Clayton, Taylor Hawkins, Lucy Tyrell and Robbie Stimson.

The JunctionEdit

Main article: The Junction

Krieger Began his music career with The Junction in 2004 and was close to releasing their debut album in 2006 but after the studio was broken into they had to start re-writing new material for the album but because of problems with their record label, who weren't willing to hire them a record producer until sometime in 2010 because they wanted the band to be massively well known all over the world. Their debut album is set for release in August 2009 and are also set to do a worldwide tour which will take them just over a year to finish.

4th Street BandEdit

2007 saw Armstrong and Robin Krieger form with backing band 4th Street Band. Armstrong annouced that "It's A Band Very Much Based On Touring Rather Than Releasing Material, It's a chance for us to get back to our roots which is touring." In May 2009 Armstrong & Krieger decided to take a 4 year break from 4th Street Band because they have such a full schedule with The Junction for the next few years, They also said that they have not quit 4th Street Band and that they still hang out regularly and are still close friends with the band.


Main article: The Junction


  • Lonely Youths (2008) (TV Show)
  • Shadow Of The Dark (2009) (Movie)

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