Runaway American Dream
Background information
Origin Los Angeles, California
Genre(s) Punk Rock, Pop Rock, Pop Punk
Years active 2009 - present
Label(s) Junction Records
Associated acts The Junction
Aaron Joe James, Joshua Perry, Scott Tyler, Jay Dunan

'Runaway American Dream' is an American Pop Punk/Punk Rock band based in Los Angeles California. The band formed in 2009 and began touring instantly and has continued to tour regularly gaining interest from record labels before signing with Junction Records in early 2010 but Junction Records have decided to keep the band out of the lime-light until they feel ready to introduce the band to the music industry. They hope to release their debut album in 2010.


Runaway American Dream was formed in 2009 and has toured ever since it was created. The band was formed by Joshua Perry and Aaron Joe James while performing on the same bill at a club in California. They then recruited bass player Scott Tyler and drummer Jay Dunan. The band has created a great reputation among the USA, Canada and Asia. They supported The Junction during the Canadian leg of their world tour, the Canada leg ended early following the death of Max Armstrong's parents.

2010 - presentEdit

In early 2010 Runaway was signed by Junction Records!. It was announced that they would be touring for the majority of 2010 but would begin work on their debut album American Blues in 2010 and hope to release it around August 2010. It was announced that they would perform 6 special USA shows.

Band MembersEdit



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