Satsuma Rebellion
8 May 2006
Negative Records
Vinyl (limited to 600), CD

This, the debut album by The Crazy Satsumas was released by Negative Records and distributed in Britain, Canada and The US. However the only impact it made was in Canada, reaching number 36 in the national album charts. The album was claimed to be a landmark release in the grindcore genre, and generally acclaimed all round receiving fair reviews from most critics. However the album was not without its controversy, some believed it to be far too short to be considered an album - lasting just under 10 minutes. Despite being more of an EP length-wise, the band state that this is indeed their debut album.


  1. Ravioli Ravioli Give Me The Formuoli
  2. Give a Larbage, Throw Out Your Gangrene Toe
  3. It's Illegal To Lick Doorknobs On Other Planets
  4. Asthmatic Camel Coughing Up Shards Of Broken Glass
  5. Ass-Hat
  6. Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake
  7. Dear Diarrhea...
  8. Rebellious Vegetables/Delusional Carrots of Kingdom Satsuma
  9. Eating Out a Roundabout
  10. Mormons Grow On Trees

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