Scott Davidson
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Background information
Birth name Scott Davidson
Born 23rd February, 1991 (Age 18)
Origin Manhattan, New York
Genre(s) Rock
Occupation(s) Guitarist, Songwriter
Instrument(s) Fender Stratocaster
Years active 2009 - present
Label(s) Climax Records
Associated acts The Junction, 4th Street Band, Street Dreams

Scott Davidson was born on February 23rd 1991 in Manhattan, New York, he's the American guitarist and co-songwriter of the American Rock band Street Dreams, who are fronted by his close highschool friend Lauren Grogan.


1991-2006: Early YearsEdit

Scott Davidson was born on February 23rd 1991 in Manhattan, New York to Adrienne Davidson and Mick Hudson. He started learning to play the guitar at the age of 13. He never knew his father up until the age of 14 where he tracked him down, his father is a session and live musician and has worked with many of the best known musicians in the industry. His mother worked at a local diner and struggled to make ends meet, Scott disliked his father up until the age of 16 because his father was rich and never helped his family out with money.

2007-present: CareerEdit

He Left school at the age of 16 and he started working in a local New York City Cafe at the age of 15 and left at the age of 16 where he started working in a local record store, during this time he increased his knowledge of music and this job helped him gain a massive interest in having a career as a musician. In 2009 after just turning 18 he and school friend Lauren Grogan decided to form a band together called Street Dreams

Personal LifeEdit

Since 2007 at the age of 16 he has been in a relationship with his childhood sweetheart and sister of The Junction lead singer Max Armstrong, Katie Armstrong.

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