Sev Young is the brother of the famous English lead guitarist Johnny Young and also plays rhythm guitar, and does back-up vocals, in their band Gillians. Sev lives in Johnny's apartment with the rest of Gillians. Sev is the only member of Gillians that does not have a long-term project planned for his future.

Sev Young
Birth Name
Severio Basil Young
Birth Date
31 December, 1986
Birth Place
Liverpool, UK
Rhythm Guitar & Back-Up Vocals
Karen Young née Hardman (Mother), Peter Young (Father), Johnny Young (Brother)

Early LifeEdit

Sev was born on the 31st of December, 1986 in Mossley Hill Hospital, a hospital in Mossley Hill, a suburb made famous by The Beatle's hit Penny Lane. He was always following his brother and loved to imitate Johnny's air guitar strumming. He went to Wavertree C of E Primary School where Johnny was at the time and, when Johnny took up guitar, he always bragged about how good Johnny was to his friends, who were shocked as he told them he had played pranks on Johnny, who was sometimes known as "King Gibson". When he was old enough, Sev also took up guitar. He found he had an uncanny knack of changing chords, unlike his brother, who could pluck semi-demi quavers when he was 10. When Sev joined Johnny at high school they became much closer as they both went to Liverpool College, a huge school. They played their first performance when Sev was 14 and it was unofficially voted "The Best Guitar Duo Performance Ever!" They started a band but the other musicians weren't good enough. When Johnny turned 18, only him and Sev were left. Sev continued high school and became the most popular kid in the school (Johnny used to be the most popular). When he finished high school, though, he went to live with Johnny.

Musical HistoryEdit

Underground HistoryEdit

For more information see Gillians#Underground_History

The Young OnesEdit

Sev played in many bands as the rhythm guitarist as they were needed badly, but Johnny didn't have that luck. He was a lead guitarist and no-one needed one. But one day, the 21st of December, 2004, when Johnny wasn't at home when Sev got back, he knew that Johnny couldn't take the stress of not being in a band. On the 29th, Johnny returned with a drummer named Vic Dunlop. Sev struck up an immediate friendship and 2 days later, Sev's birthday, they played "My Generation" by The Who as a surprise gig at a small, local pub. They continued to play, sometimes with a local bassist, called Fred Johnson, and, when they sometimes played in London, without one. They were called "The Young Ones". In late 2006 the band split up for a short while. Sev went to Southern France with his school friend for a while. When he got back he found out that Fred was dead but an even better bassist, named Bob Smith, had joined the band. They renamed the band Gillians.


Nothing much underground happened with Gillians except for one major outdoor gig. It was a random get together of ex-Liverpool College people and Gillians played their in front of hundreds of ex-class mates plus older people who had also attended the school. There was nearly 6,000 people there. On Sev's 21st birthday the band made a vow to turn pro - and they did, very quickly.

Professional HistoryEdit

For more information see Gillians#Professional_History The band went officially pro by releasing their first single, Small World, on the 22nd of January 2008. From there they became a crazy alternative rock band, touring the UK non-stop and supporting other bands. Sev didn't do much interesting except be the subject of several nose punches which added to ones he had received during school from Johnny, giving him a completely squashed, distorted nose. He showed slight interest in Yumi Takahashi's SUICIDE'S LOVE STORY but was not accepted.

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