Sexy Star
Background information
Birth name Unknown
Born November 15th, 1986
Origin California, United States
Genre(s) Electronica, Pop
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 2007 - present
Label(s) PSYCH! Records, Boy Toy Entertainment

Sexy Star is an American model, make-up designer and singer-songwriter from California, United States. He describes himself as the "princess of fame, fortune and beauty" and has sold over 3,600,000 singles and over 2,500,000 albums. He is one of the most hated people in the music industry today.

The Beginning Of Sexy StarEdit

In November 2007, Sexy Star appeared on the music scene, with very harsh and negative reviews from musicians because of his appearance. Sexy Star responded to the harsh reviews by saying "I don't care if people hate me, I'm doing what I want to do, and that's the most important thing." At a young age around 15, Star started experimenting with his mothers make-up leading to an obsessive compulsive interest in make-up, dying his hair in day-glo colours and cross-dressing, which led to Star receiving a large amount of attention from people inside and out of school. Star has also said he wore women's accessories in high school and ignored what people thought about him. Now Star works as a model, make-up designer and singer-songwriter. In total Sexy Star has released 12 singles and 3 albums, soon to be 4. He has sold over 2,600,000 singles and over 1,700,000 albums.

I'm A Fucking StarEdit


The cover of Sexy Star's debut album "I'm A Fucking Star".

I'm A Fucking Star was the debut album from Sexy Star, receiving positive reviews from critics and sold 573,985 copies in the USA alone. The album was a top 20 hit, peaking at #18 in the USA album chart, the album was appreciated by critics for the songs original names such as "Bulimia Never Looked This Hot", "Rockstars Are So Lame", "Straight Boys Suck" and "Google Me Bitch".

Living MannequinEdit


The cover of Sexy Star's second album "Living Mannequin".

Living Mannequin was the second album from Sexy Star, receiving mixed reviews from critics, but mostly positive and sold 594,741 copies in the USA alone. Making this Sexy Star's best selling album to date, unfortunately the chart position wasn't as positive with the album charting at only #31 in the USA album chart. The album's song names have also had a great deal of attention with names such as "Gasoline Teeth And Forced Empathy", "Liposuction (Suck It Out, Like I Sucked Your Boyfriends Dick)" and "Miss Methamphetamine".

Smeared Mascara & Broken MirrorsEdit

Sexy Star

The cover of Sexy Star's third album "Smeared Mascara & Broken Mirrors".

Smeared Mascara & Broken Mirrors was the third album from Sexy Star, receiving positive reviews from critics and sold 586,212 copies in the USA alone. Although sales weren't as good as the previous album "Living Mannequin", the chart position was much better, giving Star his highest chart position in the USA album chart at #13. Again, the careless Star's song names had much attention such as "S Your D, L Your V" and "The Reason (Why Does Your Little Boy Question His Sexuality?)" but many critics seemed to think the song names on this album were more "toned down" from the two previous albums.

Beauty KillerEdit


The cover of Sexy Star's fourth album "Beauty Killer".

Beauty Killer was the fourth album from Sexy Star, receiving rave reviews and being praised for his "best album to date" by critics. The album was released September 25th, The song names on this album appear "harmless" as reviewed by critics, with many critics claiming this album as "Star's most sensible album to date" with every song name sensible apart from one, titled "G-Spot" which features The Nimrods. The album debuted at #10 in the USA album chart and moved up two spots one week later to #8 making this Star's highest charting album to date. The album was also Star's debut in the UK which debuted at #97 on the UK album chart on it's first week, one week later the album kept the same position at #97. The album has sold over 700,000 copies in fifteen weeks in the UK and USA alone. The album is also Star's best selling to date due to him releasing it in the UK instead of the USA alone.

Turned On?Edit

Turned On

The cover of Sexy Star's fifth album "Turned On?".

Turned On? is the fifth album from Sexy Star, scheduled to be released late 2008, no release date has been given yet but Star is hinting for a December release. Although Star's previous album "Beauty Killer" was more toned down in raunchy song titles wise etc. Star takes it back up with many titles such as "Phone Sex (Don't Hang Up)", "Orgasm", and "<Insert Down There, No Not There> (Featuring fAthOm)" which has pleased many of Star's fans due to him being most famous for his raunchy song titles and lyrics. The album features artists such as Elle Fame and fAthOm. The first single from the album "Snapshot" is scheduled to be released late October and Star describes it as an "uptempo electronic orgasm full of snapshot sounds with lyrics written by Star himself, describing how he loves his photo taken and what the life of fame, fortune and beauty is like."

Bright Pink World USA TourEdit


The tour poster for the "Bright Pink World USA Tour".

The Bright Pink World USA Tour, was Sexy Star's first tour where he visited Seattle, San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, Hershey and New York. The tour received mixed reviews with some critics saying "Sexy Star really does know how to excite the crowd, his an excellent performer" with others saying "The tour setlist was a short 11 songs, the tour tickets may have been $30, but it really was quite short, the stage looked bare, boring and low budget and there was just nothing exciting about the shows apart from Sexy Star himself." Sexy Star failed to sell out any shows as this was early on in his career, and shows such as the Madison Square Garden one, only had about 45% of the tickets sold, but even with the low ticket sales, Star still performed.

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