The Junction
Sing Me The Song Of Life

Sing Me The Song Of Life is the second single from The Junction debut album Heartbreaks & Outtakes. Sing Me The Song Of Life is the first track from their debut album.

Single information Edit

The band have performed the song live many times and is mainly used as the opening song for their live gigs, the song was featured in the EP live in New York. The song was written by The Junction in 2004 and is the first song Max Armstrong wrote for the band The Junction, Max Armstrong has improved the song since he first wrote it, and said that it wasn't a very good song lyrically early on and he also said that the song is much better since it has been improved and said that it's a song that he is very proud of and that he would try to make sure that it features on their debut albums.

Track listingEdit

All songs written by Max Armstrong.

  1. "Sing Me The Song Of Life" - 4:27
  • Walmart will be releasing the single with 2 additional songs performed by the band live from abbey road and will also include a special behind the scenes on their video shoot for the single.
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